To Shave or Not to Shave...That's the Question

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How To Shave Your PussySnatch, pussy, twat, bush, cunt, hot love tunnel, whatever you want to call it... ALL women have hair on it! Some women prefer to be au-natural, some keep it trimmed, some only shave the upper sides, as so it does not show through the bikini bottoms, and then there are those women who like to be completely bare. I am one of those women.

I've been shaving my snatch for a little over 15 years. I have tried everything from depilatories to waxing, and have found that the best way to get rid of unwanted hair in that area is the good old fashioned razor!

Of course, this is only MY opinion and preference, but after 15 years of doing this and trying every imaginable thing, the razor appears to come in first place. It gives the closest, smoothest results.

Trim Before ShavingNow shaving is not for everyone. It can be extremely time consuming and to keep it in neat and tidy shape, maintenance is a must! Since I shave my legs every other day (all year long) while I'm at it, I also shave the snatch. The first and foremost thing to remember is to do this in the shower. The hot water softens the hair, opens the pores, and makes it much easier to shave. I suggest that if you have long hair or a massive bush, to trim with scissors first. Be careful and use a mirror if you have to...also, try to get as close to the skin as you can without nipping off a piece of pink. ( Remember, I said this was time consuming!)

Once trimmed, hop in the shower and get it wet. (with the warm/hot water silly, not your fingers!) I completely shower before I begin my shaving ritual.

Shaving While WetI do not like shaving cream or lotion. It clogs the razor too much and you are constantly rinsing. I use an all natural soap, one made with natural and/or vegetable oils. Since most soaps are made with animal fats that can clog your pores and cause those nasty razor bumps, check your labels carefully. Make sure your razor is clean. If this is your "first time", make sure you have a new blade, I use a ladies razor specifically designed for women...but I have also used the old standby of a BIC! Anyway, 'first timers' use a gentle facial exfoliator to get rid of all those dead skin cells...then lather up your hands with your soap, and do not be afraid to use alot of it. I put one leg up on the edge of the tub to easily reach those soft pink parts.

Now in every book and magazine I have read, they all tell you to shave with the lay of the hair. Well, this technique will take off the hair, but will not get you a close shave. When you shave your legs, do you go with the grain of the hair, or against it? You go against it, of the same way goes for shaving the snatch. Begin slowly, and the top of your mound. Depending on whether you want to be completely shaved or leave a little bush, that is up to you. There is no need to press the razor against your skin, remember it's delicate down there, be gentle, take your time, and let the razor do the work. If you need more soap to make the razor glide easily, then use more. Remember, to pull the skin taut with your free hand. Next, do the upper sides of your legs, this can be tricky as you have a little curve in there...stretch your legs to make that area as flat as possible...again, shave against the grain of the hair to get the closest shave.

Tricky ShavingNow the lips...this area is very delicate and can be tricky. I usually take my free hand and pull my snatch forward and up. If you prefer to skip this part and leave your lips fuzzy, then do so, as the hair on your lips is usually very soft. ( and most men love to nuzzle their noses in it) :)

I usually stop at this point, however, if you want to go back further,and get to the 'taint' and to the sweet back-door hole, I suggest NOT using a razor there. The delicate tissue around the anus can be too easily nicked and cut. For this area, I use a small device that I will mention later.

After you are finished, make sure to dry the area completely. I then use a non-alcohol lotion and rub it in completely. Letting it air dry the rest of the way. Next, I dust with my favorite after bath powder to soak up any additional moisture.

Now, for those that want to get further back, I suggest purchasing a little device called Finishing Touch. It can be purchased at Walgreen's for a mere $10. It states on the package that it is for facial hair, but since the blade is so small, it can easily reach all those little nooks and crannies that a bigger razor just can't.

Brazillian Shave

To get to the anal area, I sit on the toilet and spread my ass cheeks to expose as much of the area as I can. Since you cannot see back there, this is all done by feel. I turn on the little razor and gently move it across the area, until I can feel that those tiny hairs have been all shaved off. When finished, no need to worry about sweeping up the tiny hairs, as all you have to do is flush them away. Again, I dust with powder, and that is the end of my shaving ritual. Once you get the hang of it and do it on a daily or every other day basis, it becomes as easy as shaving any other of your body parts. Just remember, take you time, go slow, use plenty of soap, and be sure to dry off completely. If you don't, then be prepared for razor bumps. Also, that over the counter crap for razor bumps does not work! At least for me it doesn't, so I do not waste my money on it. After a few months of shaving, they seem to just go away anyway.

However, there is a little shaver, made just for this area that I am interested in obtaining and trying. It can be found here, If anyone has every used one, I'd be interested in knowing if they REALLY do work, or if those testimonials are just hot air being blown up my skirt for the sake of purchasing the item. **Update** Kat has since tried the shaver, & you can read the review here.

Till careful, and happy shaving! :)

You can read more from Kat in her boudoir!


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