Why we wear it, and practical matters...Thongs

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Why we wear it, and practical matters...


As usual, Gracie has an opinion. *wink*

I personally, find little use for thongs. They ride up, are uncomfortable, and well, you know I just prefer to go without panties of any kind.

Other than those for 'play wear' as in bra & banty sets, or for sex costuming, I say why bother?

Now I know, many folks will always bring up the panty lines issue, but again, skip them entirely, and voila! No lines!

'What about dress codes at work, Gracie?', you ask. Well, who will know unless you are wearing inappropriate clothing to begin with?

But, they are sexy' you whine... Sexier than no panties at all? I think not!

So ladies, I say thongs are fine for play, if you want something new, or they go with the whole 'outfit' ~ But, I vote 'no' to the thong refer-end-um *giggle* Save your cash for leather, lube or libations!

But again, this is just my opinion... Ladies, comment:

Partners, comment:

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Discuss This (1 Comment)

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