Why we wear it, and practical matters...Leather thigh high boots

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Why we wear it, and practical matters...

Do you wear lingerie?

If you do, great, keep reading, and say 'amen!'

If not, let me tell you why you should...

Lingerie sets the mood. Not just for your partner but for you, and that's why I am so pro-lingerie! Think of lingerie as a costume. It signals that something 'different' is about to happen...

Costuming for sex? Even so-called "straight sex" can use the enchancement of lingerie! Think of how it feels to have the long, silky feel of that elegant, long, creme colored gown on... You move differently, you feel more inclined to glide... Your body knows this is not jeans & a t-shirt! This is now what you wear to the office -- This is *special* feeling!

It has long been noted that women take a bit more time to get in the mood, and with today's fast paced world, it can take even longer to switch gears. Putting on something new, different signals your body & your emotions that you are about to play...

So read what other sex kittens are wearing and give it a try...

Reviews & News

Latest product reviewed: Leather thigh high boots!

Gracie says: "Oh yes, yes, YES!"

I first wore a pair of these boots 'on the job.' Another girl loaned them to me, as I had very little to wear to a particular client's home... and this client was into leather. The first time I wore them, I fell in love (sigh).

With the money I made that night, I went to the 24 hour 'sex shop' and bought a pair -- I paid nearly $200, and have never regretted it (other than seeing how cheap you can get them from the site on the left!). These boots are pure attitude, baby!

Part of the appeal for me is that hardly anyone wears them, so you sure get some attention. In fact, I have only seen them on other adult entertainers, until I convinced our very own Merideth to give them a try...

Merideth is our resident "Mommie" and a bit on the conservative side when it comes to dressing. I told her to put them on & wear a long dress, so then no one need know that she was wearing anything other than black boots... After some urging, she did. She wore them to a family event, and felt so hot, that well, here's what she emailed me:

Gracie, my God! You were so right about the boots! We barely made it home before I pounced on my hubby! All night long I felt like I had a dirty little secret... I was sure others could see, but since I had not told John & he said nothing, I figured I was 'safe'. But John did ask me a few times what was going on as I guess I was acting a bit funny. Not that he was complaining, I was much more affectionate than usual, and it has been months since I initiated sex! When we got home, I lifted the dress & showed him the boots -- we left them on!

Can there really be any more proof than that testimonial folks?

Get a pair in black, and see if you don't order more in different colors...


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