Why we wear it, and practical matters...Pearl Lined Panties

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Why we wear it, and practical matters...

A Panty Review, by Roxy

If you are looking for something sexy, something naughty but discrete, then look no further ladies ( and gentlemen ) ;) I have found one such item that is oh-so-sassy, you'll giggle with excitement. ::blush:: Just like I did.

Cameo Love Beads PantyAt first glance you'd think that these were just an ordinary pair of black satin panties. But upon closer inspection, you'll find that they are lined with a string of pearls.

Yes ladies (and gents) PEARLS!!

They are made of a thicker satin that has a bit of give to it, so they fit snug, but comfortable. The pearls are somewhat 'adjustable' so you can easliy maneuver them where they feel the most comfortable or give you the most pleasure. ;) If you like clitoral stimulation, then these are the panties for you. The pearls are smooth and of a nice size, and they fit ever so nicely between the folds.

These panties are so discrete, that no one will know you're wearing them, unless you want them to. Just think of all the places you can wear them. These could revolutionize grocery shopping!! Or those long, boring work meetings. Cleaning the house doesn't sound so bad anymore, does it?

Not to mention wearing them for your partner. Just imagine the look on their face when their fingers stroke your panties. The sensation is subtle, yet erotic. Have your partner vary the firmness of the strokes for a delightful sensation. Wear them out to dinner, or to a movie..anywhere! Take it from me, these babies are the Kat's ass!! MEOW!!

You can purchase the Cameo "Love Beads" Panty in White, Black, Soft Pink, Fuchsia, Sea Foam, & Lemon Yellow!


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Discuss This (14 Comments)

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