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Reviewed by, the 'ever opinionated' Gracie.

If you struggle with bondage issues, don't read ~ but if you enjoy struggles... *evil laugh*

This was my first viewing of a real ropes bondage flick ~ and by 'real' I mean a master has done the rope work.

Tight Nude Bondage VideoUnlike so many 'bondage' flicks, this one actually has positions and ties that assure you that escape is not one squirm away.

This film is also different than most I have seen in that it does not depict intercourse ~ No kids, there is no fucking! But I still liked this film.

How can that *be*?

It's all about the tension, my dears, the tension. And I don't just mean the strict restraints either...

It even seems, at first, to lack some plot ~ we women want to know how this woman found herself in such a situation ~ but soon, your suspense over those missing details is just more room for your mind to play...

You begin to fill in those blanks in your own delicious way, selecting 'who' and 'how' in ways that only you know how to provide to get your purr started...

As bound Mary Lee struggles, her breasts bouncing, her skin clearly affected by the restraints, her cries muffled, your mind begins to associate... How would that feel?

As her captor laughs, as he places clamps on her nipples, you almost feel you are the one struggling...

Without this review, you would surely view this film as I did: waiting for some penetration. And the good news is that even once you have read this review, you will still find yourself begging for some penetration ~ your own, or Marry Lee's?

I can say this because even after multiple viewings, I felt that way.

The combination of realistic bondage & enough blanks for you to fill in with your own details leaves you willing to have your own 'blanks' filled in.

Even the fact that her captor is not seen that often, and you are left hanging with Mary Lee, means that you can easily slip your own captor (fantasy or memory) into his place.

Now, if you could only slip your dream captor inside your 'place!'

Since this video is not very 'graphic' or 'extreme' it is a great introduction to bondage for those that have toyed with the idea of bondage in their heads. For those who 'know' that bondage is some kink they like, the realism will make you very happy.

I enjoyed this movie many times on my own... I can only imagine with a like-minded person, it would be even better...

You can purchase copies of this video at, just do a search for: #989W Tight Nude Bondage, VHS.

Don't be alarmed at the nearly $54 price tag, it doesn't dissapoint. (You know I'd tell you ~ Look at my last review!) Besides, this is something special, for your own private pleasures ~ You are worth it!

Surely your desires are worth more than the price of a box of cheap hair color!

Editor's Note: This film seems to be out of print, sadly... However, you can still find films featuring the rope work of Bryan Davis as well as films produced by Close Up Concepts.


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Discuss This (1 Comment)

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