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Featured Recipe: Sex in Disabled Toilets


1 part peach schnapps
1 part passion fruit liqueur
top up lemonade
1 lime slice

Combine & stir all the ingredients, except the lime (that you add to the glass!).

Horny & Surfing?

Bondage Website Reviews

Gracie gets tied up on the net...

Darker Pleasures

Oh my! (And that is in a good way!) What a rocking great time ~ literally! Ladies, if you have even the slightest interest in bondage, pop in your ben-wa balls, or bring your pocket vibe with you when you visit this site, you will be glad you did!

Darker Pleasures specializes in breast torture, and they aren't kidding. One of the real places on the web that lives up to it's claims, and then some.

Often updated with new stories, that spell out not just the tools of the trade, but gives complete fantasy stories with the details of what is going on in the minds ~~ and as if that were not enough, the stories are illustrated with real photos!

The erotic stories are not those quick 2 paragraph deals either... most of the stories are at least 2 pages long! And like I said, the photos help carry you along... (Can you stand it?! A site that gives you time to get in, get warmed up, then stay nice & hot ~ how yummy is that?)

If you are not into bondage (fantasy or real) then don't enter, you will not be happy to see the bound, red breasts, the rope lines, the stretched nipples... However, if you enjoy at least the thought of submitting, or the idea of pain with your pleasure... long teases of torture, then hop on over & sign up!

For only $9.95 you get more than many other more expensive sites. And, each month after the first month is a mere $6.95 ~~ and will not increase!

Super bonus: they reply quickly & politely to emails! How's that for a fantasy?

I give this site an enthusiastic 'two nipples up!' And be prepared to hear more about this site, I plan on spending lots of time there... Anyone else? (wink)

Fetish Door

As wonderful as Darker Pleasures is, that is how bad this site is. Not only do they scam you (they promise a free membership, take your credit card & sign you up for monthly billing at a sports site) but the picutures are few, and very generic. You can find these quality photos at free sites, and that means sites that do not take your card, & do reply to emails. I wouldn't be so upset if the site you were paying for were a similar theme site (with better quality pics, of course), but a sports site? Maybe that's their idea of pain with your pleasure... But it is NOT mine!

I can't even rate this (snort).

Sex-Kitten Shopping!


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