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Who Am I?

Don't be alarmed! I am not as mean as you think!

I am a woman, like you, really. I just know where the line is, and if someone crosses it, I let them know.

I no longer tolerate crap, the kinda crap that men dish out. Yes, I am not exactly conventional, but that doesn not mean I am 'bad' or have no class. It just means I am confident. A scary thing to many...

I go out, by myself, yet that doesn't mean I am gonna give it away, so don't expect it. I go out by myself when there is no one else heading out -- why should I stay home if I want to go out?

Other things I do that confuse & alarm:

1 I will dance at any give bar, on any given night, but don't insult me with cash. I dance for my pleasure, not yours.

2 I will talk with anyone. Yes, that includes women, couples, a couple of women! If you are sitting near me, I will have a conversation with you. If you are farther away & seem interesting, I will search you out too!

3 I am confident that I am a sexy woman, does that mean I am stuck on myself? No. If you are an excellent cook, do you blush & say 'No, I am not"? No you don't, you say 'Thank You!' and take pride in it. It is the same with beauty, which I firmly believe *every woman* has. So take pride in your beauty, and don't let 'em tell ya it fades. It doesn't. Sure, it changes as we age, but confidence, humor & wisdom are what really matters. And those attributes only improve with age. Sexy is an attitude, not a certain bra cup size or other pound of flesh. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either insecure, intimidated, or just plain full of it.

So the bottom line here is this: I have big ovaries, and I am not afraid to show it. And what's more, I hope to get you all to show yours a bit more too!


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Vixen's Room

'She ain't no push-over!' so get it straight from her curvy hip!
(In between episodes, check her oft ignored blog, Con-Sensual-Sex, for more.)

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