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The one thing humans *never* need to worry about is the lack of a sex partner... Sure, you can complain you ain't gettin' any but why is that?

You can't blame your looks: got a huge ass? There are plenty of men & women looking for large booty.

You can't blame your kink: get turned on by pain, blood, dirt, broken limbs, tools, images, sounds, smells? You name it, there's a group for it.

No need to feel weird about it either. You are not alone.

If there ever was a time in history where finding your kind was easy, it is now.

Not only does the internet mean you can discover that you are not alone, that there is a name for your passion, but there are websites that inform you of the lore behind it, the history. You may find your desire to screw in a way you thought rare is actually depicted in Egyptian tombs...

You don't like it if a lover goes down on you? A few minutes on the web, and you'll not only find you aren't odd, but there has been a support group in your hometown for 20 years. You can even find out why you hate it, and if you wish, you may discover ways to work it through & be more inclined to recline in comfort.

Looking for tools? Be it instructions, prose or toys, there is no more ducking in & out of shops, hoping in vain to find a publication, a prop that you desire. You can even find people!

Pros to teach you, fellow fetish folks on message boards and in chat rooms. More than a few have found live partners.

You can do it all discreetly from your desk.

This is way more than 'the information age' this is the 'its ok, your normal cuz there is a website for it age.'

Just trust Gracie, I'll prove the kink is out there...

Scully & Mulder would be proud, of these Triple X Files.

With much affection,


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