Gracie's Sex Work, Part 2

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The Biz Side

Or, this could be called "Q & A about T & A" but that is a lil like pandering isn't it?

Yes, Gracie is feeling a bit full of herself this evening, or is that the load from the last guy... Nope, nothin' leaking on my thighs...

There have been a few questions posed on the boards, and even a few emails with questions for dear Gracie, and while I ought to treat them with a serious reply, I just have an extreme case of the giggles this evening.I certainly don't mean to disrespect those of you who ask questions. You ought to know that, if only because I have openly asked in earlier columns for your questions. Your questions are valid, and perhaps I should wait 'til I am a bit more serious, but how long can you curious types wait? It could be a very long time before I reply like a proper lady ~ But then, if I were a proper lady, I wouldn't have the answers now would I?!

First question: About diseases, pregnancy & your basic health...

Well, certainly condoms are a must have item. Any pro carries her own and insists upon their use. Not 100% effective, I know, but then even if you are having sex with Mr/Ms right, you don't have that guarantee, now do you...

Eyeballs are important too: if it has large open sores, glows or otherwise has an appearance that just ain't right, return the cash and leave.

May not save your butt from those deadly invisible things, but clues should not be overlooked.

Pregnancy & STDs do happen. But they happen in so-called real relationships too, and frankly, it is less devastating if it happens to a pro: You have no shattered disillusions when Mr Right disappears over-night. In most cases, either can be remedied with a visit to the doc, so while there's no workman's comp, you'll be ok.

Second question: Safety

Big issue. Only an idiot works without backup.

Backup may be a service agency, a friend, anyone who knows where you went, when you left & when you are to at least call in. They also know what to do it you don't, despite the legal issues.

First choice of course is the partner approach. Someone who goes with you & waits outside the door. A large, thug-type works well, though I often preferred an off-duty cop. In a pinch, another girl will do ~ you take turns being the 'look-out.'

Of course, once you're inside the room or building alone with the client, you can't really count on the other person to protect you per se, but you hope you'll be avenged.

Like snakes, wolves & the boogey-man, most clients are actually more afraid of you than you are of them. They fear you'll take the cash & split & it's not like they can call the BBB on you! Or they fear you are a drug addict who will simply wig-out & go freaky on their ass (and not in that desirable way).

Evil, abusive or folks with murder on their minds will try to go for the weakest in our herd ~ looking for those who work alone, who never call in, or seem to be strung out. In a word, they look for those who are *not* professionals.

There are no guarantees. But again, there aren't any in 'real life' either. I personally know more 'real' woman beaten by dates or husbands than I do escorts.

Basically, it's like a pro football player: you get paid larger than average fees for risking your body, and your career can't last 'til you're 80. (Well, for *most* anyway)

Unlike pro football players, you can't open a used car lot & play up on your 'glory days' to bring in the customers.

Which brings me "What if it was legal?"

Facts on this have been linked to on this site many times. The basics being better health (screening & gradations, like beef, as well as health insurance etc.), a better economy (think of the taxes to be collected!), and more safety for all involved. Maybe even the stigma would vanish and you would flock to "Miss Kitty's Lot-O-Cars."

Maybe it is because I am feeling so frisky, so flippant, but just imagine the marketing!

This concept of marketing professional sex services in the US deserves a whole column to itself, I mean talk about sex selling...

Just the thought of it delights me so!

As a promise, and a tease, I will leave you with this lil gem to think on until next time...

I read this superb quote in an advertising journal, and I think it would make one hell of a slogan for me:

"Buy me and you will overcome the anxieties I have just reminded you of."
by Michael Schudson

With much affection,


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