Gracie's Dark Fantasy

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He calls me early that day, making plans for us for that night. He tells me to go out and buy a little white nightie: "simple, satin or silk, short, but a gown, not a teddy, some lace trim is fine, but it must not be see through, matching panties."

Something in his voice tells me not to question it. I am excited, anticipating what game he has in mind that his costuming is so specific...

He tells me to leave the back door unlocked, and be waiting for him, in bed, lights out, at 9:30. Then he hangs up rather abruptly.

I figure that he is as excited as I am & must have his own preparations to do, so I don't dwell on it. I know he knows I have no white lingerie like this, so I had better not fail, and maybe ruin his plans. I head for the mall.

At 9 I am in my room, getting dressed. He made no mention of makeup, but looking at the expensive nightie I just purchased in some bridal shop, I decide to go with an innocent 'virginal' look... Some mascara, some soft pink shadow, and soft pink gloss. I light the candle by the mirror, turn out the light, and by 9:20 I am in bed, waiting...

With no light, I cannot read, so I lay waiting, feeling my heart pound in anticipation... Several times, I think I hear the door open, or footsteps on the stairs, but the door does not open.

I look at the clock, I see it is 9:50.

Now I am getting a little pissed off. What am I supposed to do, just lie here & wait for a few hours until Mr go-buy-an-$80-nightie shows up?

The phone rings & I jump. "I said lights out" says a voice, then there is silence as the call is ended.

I sit stunned for a few minutes, thinking through my options. Should I say screw it & turn on the lights? Should I sit & see what happens? But my curiosity & desire get the better of me. I want to know what he is planning, that he waits outside noticing candlelight from my window...

I blow out the candle & return to bed.

A few minutes later I hear the back door... the stairs... my senses are on alert, but my pride makes me roll over to have my back to the door.

I hear the door slowly open.

I can feel him in the dark, my back tingles, knowing he is there...

He says nothing. There is no pressure from him joining me on the bed. I lay perfectly still, waiting...

Suddenly I feel a hand over my mouth. At first I think it is a clumsy grope in the dark from a man trying to find my face, but I quickly realize it is too firm ~ just as I feel fabric replace the hand.

I suppress the urge to giggle. We have discussed my interest in submission, of taking our light play a bit further, and now that I realize what he is up to ~ my pleasure, and nervousness, make me want to giggle.

He finds my hands, and roughly rolling me onto my stomach, he binds my hands behind me. He tells me to sit up, and helps me to do so.

I feel the blindfold slip down over my eyes, and I am still repressing a giggle, thinking I ought to have skipped the makeup.

I feel him move away, and then a tiny bit of light peers through the blindfold, at the side of my nose. He must have turned on the light. I see a sudden change of light & my body flinches in reaction. He laughs a bit, in a low tone, and adjusts the blindfold. The strip of light vanishes. I see nothing, but I flinch again. He laughs. "I stopped batting at you minutes ago. Relax." His mocking, condescending tone begins to anger me.

"I am going to remove the mouth gag," he says, "you will speak only when spoken to, and you will address me as... 'Sir' I think will do nicely, don't you? 'Master' sounds too silly, like this is a game..."

The gag is removed. He grabs me by the arm, and positions me, standing a bit away from the bed. "Bend" he says. I am a bit uncomfortable now. This is new, I am confused. I was excited, then angry, amused, pissed, now I am unsure of where I am...

I feel a sharp sting on my thigh, and as I jump, he repeats "Bend." My body jumps into comply mode so fast, I am startled to find that I am already bent over at the waist.

"Good girl" he says. I feel his hands on my breasts, he is pulling them over the neckline of the nightie. "I am now placing a chair here for you to rest on. You will be here awhile, so try to pick a position that is comfortable." he says.

The words 'be awhile' seem to remain in my mind as he holds my left ankle and says "Now, move it a bit, yes, now this one..." I feel him place cuffs or some restraints onto my ankles, I guess he has tied me to the chair.

Alarm slowly begins to return.

While it is not uncomfortable, it is sure not 'normal.' I try to relax my back & my legs to see it this is comfortable. It is not natural, but it works.

I hear him straighten up next to me. There is silence. I wish that I could see his face... be reassured... I realize we are likely still in a well-light room, and I begin to feel even more vulnerable again. I take a breath of air to speak, but he places a finger on my lips "Baby, be good." A pause, then "I will be right back."

I hear the bedroom door open & close. Silence. I can feel how alone I am. The warmth of him has left the room. I try for the first time to test the movement in my arms... It must be some sort of leather thing, my arms are bound from writs to elbow behind my back, but I feel no real pressure points like I imagine rope would have...

I jerk my head a bit when I hear the door open...

Suddenly, I feel & hear my new panties being ripped from me, I jump, moving my legs, and it is then that I realize that I am not bound to the chair ~ no, my legs are being held apart by one of those bar restraints I have seen on websites! I begin to panic. I feel a finger tip trace down my spine, over my nightie, stopping at my anal cleft.

The finger is lifted. There is silence.

I feel myself begin to tremble, just a little, and that makes me angry. I remember the panties he just ripped, expensive panties ~ I open my mouth "Just what-" I start only to be interrupted by that sharp sting on my thigh again. "If you think that is going to-" I begin again, but then once again I feel fabric enter my mouth, I hear him sigh as he secures it.

"Next time, you will earn your freedom. Or, if you choose, you can step up to the ball, It is your choice."

The ball? A ball *gag*? My mind is reeling. Out of nervousness I want to laugh. I am thinking about what this all must have cost him ~ And I worried about the price of my new panties?! I wonder if there really is a gag.., This is so absurd...

"Nod, if you are ready to begin."

I nod, but I am thinking 'begin?'

There is the noise of a zipper, and then I feel something brush against my breasts... then pressure, and more pressure ~ I am being lashed to the chair, with the top of my breasts bearing most of the pressure, ropes just biting the flesh. My mind tries to imagine how he has lashed me, how he knew how to do this... I feel his fingers, soft, tracing on my breasts. He gives the ropes an extra tug, I wince, even if he can't see it, as the ropes bite my flesh. He takes a nipple into his mouth, sucking it long and hard. I hear him moan deep in his throat. I feel my nipples hardening. He stops sucking, and pinches each nipple, sucking his breath through his teeth.

I begin to feel smug, realizing I have power in this too.

"Baby" he says, "you have no idea how lovely you look right now.. all soft, and exposed. Your breasts are lovely tied like this." He pinches my right nipple harder, I love it, his words & his touch are making me wet...

I hear another zipper, but this one is not as long, it is the sound of pants being unzipped. I am pleased. The image of my bound breasts must be working on him, exciting him... I am gloating in my head as I hear the sounds of clothing drop onto the floor "Now Baby, I will remove the gag, and you will suck me" I nod and the gag is removed. I feel the chair shift and then the tip of his penis near my lips... I open and use my tongue to tease him.

He responds with a soft exhale, and then begins to play with my nipples. Getting rougher with his pinches.

He now enters himself fully into my mouth, "Just for a bit," he says, "it will be awhile again before you have me..." I begin to swirl my tongue, and suck him the way I know he likes it.

I hear his soft groans & I wonder if he will be the one who will end up not being able to play!

I concentrate on pleasing him... And then I feel it, hot & steamy, it lands on my ~ back??!

How can that be when he is... "Yes baby, we are not alone." I freeze, he withdraws from my mouth. I hear a moan from behind me, a strangers hand on my ass, moving towards my thigh...

I jump I yelp "what?!" The hand on my ass slaps me hard "Baby wasn't asked to comment" he says.

I can't reply, I am too busy trying to identify the voice... to figure out who this is that he brought along... brought along to see me like this?!

I hear my lover sigh & before I can think straight, a hard ball fills my mouth. Almost at the same time, I feel a tightening on the ropes on my breasts. The other man, is now in front of me, or at least not behind me, maybe it is he with the ropes, I begin to struggle a bit He laughs "What she lacks in manners, she makes up for in show." he trails his hands slowly, one down each breast "yes, you are lovely. But no worries, we will help you find you manners."

My mind is reeling. There are 2 men here, and I am tied bent over this chair, exposed! I am both angry and scared. No excitement now. I try to move, in earnest. I feel that sharp sting of leather, this time on my tender, bound breasts. I wince, but still try to struggle. The leather stings continue, until I stop. The leather may have stopped biting, but my breasts are still stinging. The pain and the fact that I can think of no way to stand up makes me stop.

I feel a hand run down my ass again, I am not even sure who's it is, the fingers reach me, and I moan as the fingers discover that to my horror, I am dripping wet. I hear him suck my juices from his fingers.

"Damn" the other says, "she is hot, she is so damn hot & wet... Oh God I am ready again..." Sir now laughs, I freeze in my mind because I am now calling him sir, at least to myself. My body is loving this, but my mind is racing with fear...

"So, baby" the other says, "Let's see how you like me in control of those breasts." I am angry that he calls me baby, and I make a low throaty growl.

I feel a sharp stinging, on my left nipple, but it doesn't stop, so it must be, be a clamp! Then the other one, my pussy aches, I moan, the other says "Yes, baby, yes" snapping me back into anger ~ how dare he call me baby!

I rebel in my mind 'I will call you asshole!'

As if reading my mind he says "You know, if you are Sir, what shall she call me? If she earns the right to be free of that ball..."

Sir laughingly replies, "I think 'honey' would be fine," knowing I loath that word. I growl my displeasure deep in my throat & am met with a sharp sting on my right nipple, as someone twists it, releases it, and twists it again. This time, the pain makes my eyes water, but my pussy throbs with excitement.

Hands again. One set travels up my legs to my ass. I can feel him standing behind me, his cock brushes my exposed ass just a bit. Not sure who it is I reflexively try to shut my legs, but there is that bar.

"Baby, no resisting, in any form, be willing... submit" as I feel more stinging in my left nipple. "I will have to keep adding weights every time... Which looks lovely - Your nipples are stretched & your breasts are all pink, with small deeper lines of color from the crop..."

I can tell from where the voice is coming from ~ it *is* the other behind me!

He rubs his hard cock against me & reaches for my left nipple "You know, you breasts are so perfect for this, pale to show the lines, large & heavy to bind, and your large nipples will soon stretch with more weights... and when I fuck you, oh yes, *when* I do, you will rock and they will pull even more..."

I internally recoil at the thought. I want to scream, to hit, to run. But I can't. My pride makes me want to endure this, to wait this out & have my revenge. But my body, my body is ready, wet, throbbing, my pussy is aching to be filled, to feel cock... to release...

I try to focus, to think, shutting my eyes tight beneath the blindfold. I can't think, as a wet tongue is now between my legs, licking gently at the inside of my right thigh, I flinch & fear a new weight, but none comes. Fingers rub the full length of my pussy, slowly up, then down, then again, a bit firmer. I hear my bed creak & soon the sounds of heavy breathing... Sir is masturbating as the other rubs me. I am in shock, but my pussy is aching for some entry, for some relief... I am angry at my body's betrayal.

The hands stop. I feel them again, on my breasts, squeezing the flesh that is not bound. My legs start to tremble. I feel the tongue again, circling my nipple. The left clamp is released, and my nipple throbs as blood flows back in. A mere light passing of his tongue & then he blows on it, the nipple springs to life, as hard as any time it has before. He laughs. Taking the nipple in his mouth, he sucks. He once again grabs & squeezes the entire breast & I want to scream as I feel the hot heat of pain in my entire breast ~ traveling straight to my pussy. I arch my back. I am both in pain, and desire He releases my breast. Next he removes the clamp from the other nipple, and I feel the blood again return, the soreness increases as does the blood flow. I smell mint, then feel a icy cold pain to replace the former soreness. He licks the minty substance off, and I feel my nipple harden, as sharp pains shoot in my breasts... and more moisture gathers on my thighs... Now both hands massage my breasts. In places it feels so wonderful, in others I feel sharp pains. When he stops, I don't know if I am glad or not...

His hands are now at my head holding the fasteners to the gag "You will address me as honey, and you will do as I say. If not..." I make no move.

The ball gag is slowly released. I swallow, then move my jaw around. "Now, ask me, say 'honey, touch me.'" I stiffen. This I can't do...

The other says it again, his voice full of warning "Say it, I will not ask again." I remain stone still. I feel the sharp sting of leather on my ass & I yelp. The bed creaks. Sir has come to provide back up. "Put the bar on" he says, and I feel my nipples pinch & stretch, the pain, warm & hot, makes me gush, warm & hot. The other laughs, "You know, you almost want her to rebel... Look at how wet she is!"

"Baby" says Sir as he strokes my tender breasts, "ask honey to touch you... it pleases me to see you do as I ask."

I open my mouth, but I just can't say it. The bar is twisted again, "Touch me" I groan. "Honey touch me" says the other. Silence. The sting of leather on my ass, a twist of my nipples, "Honey" is all I can blurt, but it must have been acceptable, as I feel his hand, firm, rub my pussy, my hips move. "Now, 'honey touch me' - all of it, now" he says as he removes his hand. The sting of leather on my breasts


and again

With each sting, a matching throb, an ache, my back arches... “Yes, say it!"

"Honey touch me" I pant, cursing myself, but all I want is penetration, something to fill me.

I feel hands on my hips, dick pressed along my lips, he slides it along my wetness, but does not enter me.

There is silence "Honey touch me" I say again, hoping to move things along. "No one asked you to speak" says Sir. A hand twists the bar, I feel that delicious burning in my nipples, & I thrust my hips in pain & pleasure, grinding myself on the cock that is so close, but not yet there..

There is a silence

"Baby open your mouth" says Sir. I do, and hot cock is shoved in my mouth, I suck feverishly, my ass is slapped from the other as he is behind me, and Sir, twists the nipple bar and moans these words, "Now baby, say it for me, say 'honey, fuck me because it pleases sir, my master' and soon you can be filled with hot cock & have my cum." The other adds incentive, rubbing his shaft along my wet lips, but is sure that my grinding hips cannot capture that cock.

I want it, but does he know what he is asking me to say? What bit remains of my logical mind says this will be the end of 'us' for he will resent this, throw it in my face...

Sir twists the bar, thrusts once, twice in my mouth and then says “Baby, say it, say 'honey fuck me because it pleases my master so'" and the other slaps my ass and grabs the meat of it in his hand.

Sir, now Master, kisses my mouth and says “Do it baby, it makes me so hot to know you'd do this for me, your mine, that I control you..." he removes the apparatus from my breasts, all but the ropes, and my nipples have a new sense of freedom that is almost a pain of its own. The other, honey, slaps my ass again, and grinds against me.

"Honey" I moan. "Yes, yes" I hear, but I am not certain which voice it is... it might even be mine for all I know now.

Sir firmly pinches & twists my nipples, while the other continues to abuse my ass, I can do nothing but moan, and writhe...Nothing but hope... Or, I can say it, and release myself...

Taking a deep breath, I say "Honey fuck me because Master wants it" and I am rewarded with hot, hard cock, thrust hard & deep inside me.

I almost scream with relief as he begins to pound hard, and already I feel the first waves....

Master is still in front of me, I can hear his breath, ragged, he groans, masturbating again.

Honey keeps rocking me from behind and I am almost ready to release when I feel Master's fingers on my face, opening my lips and shoving his dick in, hard. I don't have to do anything, the pummeling I am taking from behind is moving my head up & down his cock. I am full on both ends, and I begin to cum. I almost choke as Master shoots his load deep in my throat, he moans and buries his face in my neck & hair. Lost in my own waves, I hear honey say "Oh, God" and then he pumps fast, and finally shudders as he gives one last hard push and shoots inside me. He then drapes over my back...

All of us rest for a few minutes like that, then I hear honey say "This was a good start... for today..."


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