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Or 'How I Spent My Winter Vacation'

Yes, I have been 'missing' for a bit.

Not that I don't adore all of you, but hey, a girl has needs!

The quick overview is that I 'met up with' a past lover & he spent a week at my place (while in town on business).

No, he's not a poor bum, trying to get a cheap place to stay. He's a well-to-do dude looking for a cheap lady to be with. *wink*

So, he calls, says he's in town, let's meet for dinner... Dinner turns into a week.

Then I meet up with the Unholy for a day or so, hop on a plane, and catch him at a trade show ~ then I am the cheapo looking for a free place to stay!

Then, I travel back with him for a little over a week, then back home for another Unholy gathering.

Yes, I know you want details, and when I have some time to reflect in a more, ummm, romatic way, I will write all about it. But for now, let's talk the practical side of sex with the x.

Sex with the x can be a bad thing. I know. It is 'moving backward' and all that. But sometimes, it is just like a vacation back in time ~ nostalgic & pretend at the same time. Plus, you don't have to do all the 'getting to know you' stuff, you can just settle in.

The dangerous thing is that your emotions can get ya.

It is all too easy to slip into that fantasy state & forget why it didn't work out to begin with. Especially if the 'why' is one person's moving for a job & not some deadly character flaw...

However, one of the very best things about our relationship has always been a mutual respect & honesty. Since neither one of is is looking for a life-mate right now, and happy with the way things are, neither one of us was feeling like falling.

We are happy with the way things are, and not looking for major life changes. But knocking off some pieces, in a monogamous, short-term relationship, well, why say no?

Bascially, it's a nice place, but I wouldn't want to live there. *giggle*

So, we both ended things satisfied, and open to the future, whatever that brings. But no plans. Well, no plans for each other that is.

So, it just goes to show you that some situations, which sound bad on paper, can be just fine after all.

And like an old shoe, a past lover can be a wonderful, comfortable fit.


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