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It's not what you think. When Gracie stalks, the only pressing involved is my breasts &/or pelvis against one who is not complaining. No one presses charges.

Summer is when I spend my nights hunting, so my days are just frittered away. On especially warm days, I hide out in the cool of my home, lounging about the internet.

Since I am saving my energy for the hunts, I have little to say at the moment, but thought I would share with you some of the places I have been stalking on the net.

(I know it is a bit 'bloggie' of me, and I promise I will tell you a story next time, but perhaps you will find some of these sites entertaining in the meanwhile.)

As always, I highly recommend reading erotica. At best, it inspires, at worst, it can give you a little something to fantasize about when your latest lay is a jack-off-rabbit. *shudder*

This site never, and I mean never lets me down. If you really want to read original erotica (and images) & if you are into breast play, erotica with a dark theme, I urge you to jump in to Darker Pleasures. Remember, it is fantasy, mind play, and if you open yourself to it, I bet you'll be surprised...

This site has stories for both registered & unregistered users. Being tight *wink* I respect those who want a peek at what they are interested in paying for... So here's a link to the free stuff.

Women, be it erotica, news, product reviews, or what-not, Cliterati has it for you! A fun site for sure!

Looking for a place to interact with others? (You slut you! *wink*) Join up at Friendster! Here you will meet lots of folks who are interested in meeting other folks, be it just for friends to do activities with, dating or serious dating ~ you can even join just to help others hook-up. The link will make you 'my friend' which means you are aleady connected to a dangerous, dirty crowd. How long can you possibly remain alone that way? *wink*

If you are looking to meet-up with others, try Here you can search by interest group and find folks with the same interest, in your area. Now there is no reason to say you can't meet anyone with your interests!

If you'd like to join in on our erotica discussions, join our book club at Yahoo! Groups. It's just starting!

Of course, you can always try our Sex Kitten Boards. hang out with the ladies of the boudoirs, and regulars like GK, Java, Kareem, Maxine, Roxy, plus many others that stop in from time-to-time ~ truly a fun, uncensored, time!

Even in the long days of Summer, a girl can get a bit restless. I get by with a little help with my friends...

Dear Libby has started her own cool site. (No, she will not be leaving us!) is a site for those in the sex industry. Dedicated as a place for pros to connect and talk, you'll find out lots more than just 'about business.' Here you'll find folks with real lives, real brains, real concerns. If you are a sex worker, or if you are curious, stop by... We all wish Libby well with her new venture!

One of my new friends, from the SK boards, is CR/LF. He has a cool site, and not just because he gave us a plug either. is a mature blog, with plenty of links. If you have time, and you must, you are reading here *wink*, stop on by & say 'hi!'

I also met a cool guy at Frienster, one with some cool b/w photo abilities... I hate to describe the art of others, but I can safely say 'gothic' and 'sexy' without misleading you with my opinions. You'll find Curtis's work on display at this site. And if you join Friendster, you can see *him* there as well!

If I give you a list of all the other cool writers I know on the net, I will surely be yelled at by someone that I forgot, so how's about I give you a link to the site, and you find who you like? Ok, for 'adult writing' visit Adult Backwash, and for 'regular writing' (which is everything but the dirty stuff), visit Original Backwash. Tell eveyone I said 'hi!'

When all else fails, buy some damn happy!

Visit our mall. Get toys, sexy lingerie, art, and hell, get in the mood to go hunting!


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