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I never really understood why men so adore women having sex with high heeled shoes on. I mean sure, heels make the feet and legs look sexier, which is good for getting horizontal, but once the horizontal position is reached, isn't that the time for bare feet, bare breasts, bare everything?

Porn movies showing women in the throes of passion, naked except for their sexy shoes always disturb me a little. To me, the shoes look distracting, even uncomfortable. They look like something to be shed in delicious preparation for the Main Event, much like one shivers and shimmies out of one's negligee and panties when one is ready to get carnal.

Besides, when a woman's feet are bare, she's a lot more capable of passionate gymnastics. Somersaulting. Pole vaulting. Cart-wheeling, in complete physical participation of the act. Who wants to be hindered by the thought that you might put your man's eye out with a misguided swing of your leg UP just as he is fixing to go DOWN?

But this year, I have discovered a new pleasure in high heel. You see, I always avoided them. For one thing, I'm nearly six feet tall and high heels made me feel like a circus freak. When I'm taller than everyone in the room, I feel like a pre-school teacher and I fear a tendency to pat people on the head. For another thing, my feet are a size 10 and no shoe looks good on a size 10 foot. I preferred to draw as little attention to my feet as possible. To make matters worse, I'm clumsy and I have weak ankles.

One day last month I bought a hot little pair of strapless sandals with a 4-inch heel on sale. After practicing, I found I could walk in them much better than I expected, and I immediately fell in shoe love. I gazed at my feet in admiration. Damn, they looked good! Clumsy as I am, I felt graceful in those shoes.

Then I went out and bought a half a dozen more high-heels in different styles and colors. I even got a pair of those ridiculously high platform shoes like the strippers wear, though Goddess knows what I will ever do with them. I have joined the ranks of women everywhere who own Too Many Shoes.

And if I'm taller than everyone else in the room, I'll think of myself not as a pre-school teacher but as a goddess on a pedestal.

Who knows, maybe the next step in my relationship with my shoes will be inviting them to join me in a sexual romp now and then.


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Discuss This (15 Comments)

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A lovely tempest, not easily understood, but worth the effort. Sort of like dark bitter chocolate surrounding the sweetest cherry...

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