Body Issues

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Too tall, too small, too fat, too thin, too-too-everything-&-anything...

This issue is dedicated to ‘Body Issues.’

Sometimes women have issues with their bodies, their looks, and it interferes with feeling sexy. Or do they? Well, the ladies in the boudoirs will be sure to tell you!

Also, there are some reviews of adult anime. Why? Well, for one thing, no one can run the risk of comparing themselves to a cartoon drawing. If some models give some women the impression that exaggerated standards of beauty can be achieved, the cartoon girls certainly don’t.

No one is expected to have eyes half the size of their heads, blue hair, giant melons that move similarly to basketballs, & tummies so flat that they only exit in the non-three-dimensional worlds. As far as performance goes, if men are not required to have multiple penises, women are not expected to gush like waterfalls. If her moans, whimpers & screams sound fake, well, they are! If the positions are not obtainable by anyone with bones, if the angles of trajectory are not possible, it’s ok, they are animations for gosh sake!

It’s the ultimate fantasy situation.

And the fantasy doesn’t stop with bodies...

In the anime world you can do things, or have things done to you, that no person really entertains in the real world. Just as the laws of physics & physical limitations are at the whimsy of the artists & creators, so are the laws of ‘normal sex.’

In anime, sex is with robots, demons, & creatures who transform at will. Sex between humans is also wickedly dark with forced situations and weird tools & toys.

If it sounds a little immature, or male oriented, it is. But that’s how most of porn is. The trick is to look past the obvious flaws, step into the fantasy for a bit, & see what happens.

No comparisons to real life allowed. And that includes your own personal body issues.

With much affection,
Your Gracie

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Discuss This (3 Comments)

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