My First Trick

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Since the topic here is tricks 'n treats, I thought it'd be an appropriate time to share the experience of my first time turning a trick for a treat.

I originally started in the sex industry as a dominatrix working at dungeons, but I never had to touch the clients sexually. If they wanted to come at the end of their session, they were forced to jerk themselves off, no matter how much begging and pleading was involved. I had seen ads for escort services, but was unclear on what exactly the work of an escort entailed, so I never responded.

I had begun working for a woman named Brittany who ran a dungeon out of the storage room of a resale shop in a small suburb. The shop was open to the public, but received very little business except for the occasional elderly lady who wanted to sell a closet full of clothes. The dungeon business was even more scant. I sat around the shop each day with a middle aged woman named Dawn, who watched soaps religiously and tried to turn me on to her own personal client base. If a client did come in, Dawn was first in line to see him, leaving me with virtually no sessions. After two weeks of driving out each day and leaving with no cash in hand, I started to get hungry and complained to Brittany. She promised me that afternoon that she would absolutely get me a session and I would leave there with cash in hand. Sure enough, by 6PM that day, she had lined up two clients for her and I to see.

As the clients arrived, she casually mentioned to me that my client wanted a massage, a service I'd never provided before. Flustered, I agreed, not sure of what I should do, but thinking about the cash I'd be leaving with soon afterwards. Brittany saw her client in the shop's bathroom, I took mine in the cramped storage room outfitted with a mattress and small assortment of S/M toys. After exchanging a few pleasantries, my client laid down, face-up, and stared at me with a sly grin. I asked him if he wanted to turn over so I could massage his back, but he refused.

"I want you to massage my cock," he insolently responded.

I was taken aback at first. I had never told Brittany that this was the type of service I provided and felt betrayed that she just assumed I would do it. I couldn't back out now. I needed that money and walking out meant I wouldn't eat that night.

He took off his pants and I remained clothed, clad in a corset-like top and jeans. I began to massage him, as he attempted to grab a few quick peeks down my top. He asked me to remove my jeans, but I refused, saying this would go much faster if I didn't. Within fifteen minutes, he was done. I snuck into the bathroom to scrub my hands, feeling like they would never be fully clean ever again. By the time I came out of the bathroom, he was gone. Brittany was waiting for me at the register, ready to close up shop for the day.

"See, I told you I'd make you some money today," she said cheerfully as she handed me my cut- a paltry $60. I felt relieved and sickened at the same time. We walked out the door together and chatted about her plans to start a bigger, more professional operation near the airport. I told her to call me when her business picked up, hoping she wouldn't.

Driving home that day, a creeping feeling washed over my body as I'd thought about what I'd done. I was happy to be able to buy myself dinner, but ashamed about my actions. How did I end up here? Sure, it was only a hand job, but it felt disgusting to be doing such things at that point in my life. The drive was long and slow going, forcing me to sit with the horrible feeling in my stomach as I longed for the comfort and protection of home. Of course, it was just the beginning of things to come.

I eventually got over those feelings I had that first day and went on to perform many more "tricks" and treats, for that matter. Getting over that initial fear of the unknown and condemned was a task I was proud to overcome, not matter what others think. These days, I rarely get nervous on calls and often find the experience to be pleasurable, not repulsive.

Like anything, the first time is always the hardest. Thereafter, it's an uphill climb.


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