Lingerie Shopping Tips, Part Three: Selecting The Gift

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Selecting the proper intimate apparel item makes all difference between an ‘ooooooohhh’ & an ‘eeeeeiiiwww’ when she opens that box.

There are two areas of great concern in purchasing intimate apparel: size & style. Now that you have a clue about those matters, it is time to put that knowledge all together, & select the wonderful, proper gift that will make her respond in a delighted, improper manner.

(Not to mention most lingerie items are not returnable, so pay attention!)

The number one thing to keep in mind is how she feels about herself, her body. You may find her proportions sheer perfection, but she may greet that sheer nightie with sheer terror. It’s more about what’s going on in her mind than yours. So if she believes that her body part X is too Y, than that is how you shop. With her beliefs in mind. At least for the first few purchases.

Whatever part she is insecure about, do not get lingerie that accentuates that part.

For example, if she’s insecure about her breasts, do not select lingerie that emphasizes her breasts ~ for heaven’s sake, do not get her a bra to minimize, maximize or otherwise ‘solve the problem,’ that will only feed her fears & confirm that you agree she is flawed. It won’t matter what you say. Your actions will speak louder than words.

If she has made no comments to you about specific body parts being ‘a problem,’ then look for lingerie styles that flatter her shape.

As more women are self-conscious about their mid-section &/or lower halves than the upper halves, baby dolls, chemises, peignoirs, negligees, & night shirts are the safest bets. These are also least likely to have fit problems, and all but the peignoir, are comfortable for most women to sleep in. Overall, they are less likely to seem inappropriate.

Color is also an important matter.

Choose lingerie in shades she normally wears ~ including, but not limited to, the colors of her casual day clothing. These are colors she is most comfortable with.

If she is the daring type, buy her lingerie in colors she doesn’t normally wear or have. It’s a nice surprise for the adventuresome type.

Last, but not least, we need to discuss quality.

No woman likes ‘cheap lingerie.’ That is to say no woman likes scratchy fabrics, or garments with the lace falling apart. Spend money on quality fabrics such as satin, silk, fine brocade & high grade leather, and you will be repaid in full with the sight of her wearing it.

This means you may spend more money, yes, but any woman would appreciate one fine pair of panties to a cheesy 3 piece set any time.

In fact, spend an obscene amount of money on her lingerie, and as long as it fits, virtually any other mistakes can be overlooked.


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