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Holidays can be a stressful time. So we offer our own stress management tips.

Even men get stressed out this time of year.

Those poor little souls who have no clue how to shop, who usually have their shopping done for them, this time of year they may have to go out & get a gift all by themselves!

Our best advice is this: utilize the wish list services.

Women, make your lists out at Amazon, BDSM Toybox, & any other site you fancy that provides the wish list service. Then be sure to send a link to your wish list in an email to your lover. If one of your dream gifts is found at a website that does not offer a wish list service, include it in the email with your wish lists. Do not worry if this seems pushy. Most men are relieved to have such direction.

The only thing scarier than being a man with no clue shopping for a gift, is being the women who is handed that gift box by that man...

To that end, we here at Sex-Kitten.Net, have our own holiday gift for you all this year. In the spirit of avoiding bad gifts, we give to you an extensive lingerie guide ~ otherwise titled ‘Help for men, ‘cause Lord knows, they need it.’

(If you’ve read somewhere else that women do not appreciate the gift of lingerie, please read here.)

It is our hope that this lingerie guide will be a gift that will be used all year long, & for years to come.

While we do believe it is better to give than to receive, feel free to send us gifts if you’d like!

We wish you a warm, and wonder-filled holiday season.

With much affection,


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