The Popularity of Vintage Lingerie

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We don’t need to tell you, vintage lingerie is *hot* ~ It is desired for its collect-ability & for it’s ability to make one be desired. But where do you start? Here, of course!

Kimberly, our Official Sex-Kitten.Net Vintage Lingerie Expert, answers some basic questions:

Why do you think vintage lingerie is so popular & not simply thought of as ‘used underwear?’ ;)

In a nutshell, those who have owned vintage become addicted... for me, it's the incredible feel of the luscious nylon and satin fabrics, combined with exquisite tailoring and lacework. Slipping into vintage lingerie takes you to a whole new level of sexiness... I honestly believe once anyone owns a piece of vintage lingerie, they will never go back to the modern, flimsy mass produced styles. When you buy vintage, your buying a piece of history, a collectable, one of a kind item.

I admit, vintage lingerie and clothing, accessories is not for everyone. Some people cannot bare the thought of wearing something else that was previously worn...

Everything we sell is sanitized and laundered. I search for items that are in 'like new' condition, sometimes even new old stock items... We only present and sell items that I would personally wear myself.

So, the key is to look for quality ~ both in the items themselves, and the sellers. Before you buy, ask some questions about conditions, and the sellers standards.

But still why ‘old’ & not ‘new?’

Lingerie and glamour accessories in today’s market are not the quality product you find in a vintage item. For example: A modern full slip in today’s market usually consists of a basic nylon in black, white or beige or the standard 'polyester' satin's. Finding one with more than an inch of lacework is almost non-existent.

Vintage Slip Lace

You don't find the extraordinary blends of nylon-satin or nylon Antron III (which has that glossy finish) lacework or craftsmanship that was used in designing vintage lingerie and clothing.

Unfortunately, in today’s lingerie market, the expense of using a imported French lace or high quality blended nylon satin fabric would be too costly for the average manufacturer, therefore, most designers stopped making high quality lingerie sometime in the late 1970s when women stopped wearing undergarments as a part of their daily dressing routine.

Jeannie wearing a 1950's Van Raalte Wedding Lace Accordian Pleated Full Slip

What are the most popular or desired styles? Is there a most popular time period? Why?

The 1970s and 1980s styles seem to be very popular at the moment by most of our male clientele. One reason is because of the fabric content. You will find a lot of nylon Antron III slips which have a very shimmery and almost a glossy effect to the nylon.

Pesha wearing 1970s Emerald Green Vanity Fair Nylon-Antron III Grecian Style Nightgown

Another popular nylon is the 'tricot' nylon. Vanity Fair was the main producer of tricot. These particular slips and nightgowns have a satin finish to the fabric... they are extremely soft and erotic feeling. There were a lot of colored slips also produced in the 70-80s era which I think appeals to men and women alike.

What are the most desirable makers or names in vintage lingerie? Why?

The most popular would be Van Raalte, Vanity Fair, Shadowline, Barbizon, Vassarette, Kayser, Farr West and Miss Elaine.

1940's Barbizon Satin Bias Slip
(Click to see the exquisite lace in a larger photo!)

Why? Mainly I believe because these designers are well known for a quality well designed product. They all have been in business for decades and continue to produce some of the loveliest lingerie on today’s market.

Are there any modern makers that compare to the vintage makers?

Vanity Fair is the first that comes to mind. The quality of the nylon has pretty much remained the same, however, you don't find colors or laces as you would in a vintage piece of lingerie.

Lexi wearing a 1960's era Vanity Fair 'Tricot nylon' Satin Slip

Shadowline is another who makes a delicious feeling and pretty slip, as well as nighties, panties and gowns. Farr West also continues to be a big seller, cornering the market in the polyester satin charmuese lines of lingerie.

Farr West Slip with Lace

Come on back soon, for more on vintage lingerie!


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