Glamour Gurlz Gallery Review

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'Let us help you experience an era when women were proud of their femininity.'

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Gracie Reviews 'Glamour Gurlz Gallery'

Disclaimer: Gracie may be many things, but dishonest she isn't. To that end, let me state that, yes, Kimberly, who owns Glamour Gurlz, is now a part of the sex kitten family ~ she is our resident vintage lingerie lady. However, she was asked to be our expert here *because* of the quality work she does. And that includes a members gallery created by customer demand ~ how many sites can boast of that?!

If you think Gracie is sucking up, saying nice things because she likes Kimberly, you have it all backwards: Gracie adores Kimberly because she does things right. That said, please continue to read the site review ~ the photos ought to make it worth your while! *wink*

Are you tired of sites that offer nothing but hardcore images? Do you long for a website that dares to tease? Do you dream of images that inspire your own fantasies, not some in-your-face-fornication site?

If so, you'll find the Glamour Gurlz Gallery as satisfying as slipping your hands along the finest silks & satins... Ahhhhhh

This site seduces, entices, & teases.

As site owner Kimberly explains, "Our belief is that women can be very sexy and appealing without showing too much skin. Glamour Gurlz is dedicated to sharing ideas and promoting the sensuality and glamour from an era when women were proud of their femininity by wearing beautiful vintage slips, lingerie, stockings & garters."

Pretty in Pink, Angel, from

This site doesn’t exploit the female form, it adores it, just a vintage lingeri does: Lovely bits of fabrics designed to caress the wearer as it tempts the viewer to move in & caress the wearer!

Vintage lingerie, in all it’s various forms of nighties, bra & panty sets, negligees, slips, garters & stockings ~ you name it, they wear it!

This site doesn’t show you graphic close-ups of parts, but rather it gives you the whole woman in vignettes, to romanticize with.

It’s rather like looking in the window as a glamorous girl dresses or undresses... Watching a pretty woman dressed in exquisite lacey finery... and then letting your imagination go...

Guest Glamour Gurlz Lingerie Model Bear's Babes

Attention is paid to all that lies within the camera’s view ~ little touches such as wine glasses, perfume bottles, pretty satin bedding, opera gloves, fresh flowers. Little things that make it so easy to slip in that scene...

Lexi from Glamour Gurlz Gallery

In fact, this site started as a was to showcase the vintage lingerie themselves ~ live models making women ache to feel those delicious garments against their skin... So it is only natural that the images are designed to seduce women. This alone makes Glamour Gurlz Galleries worth the small $9.95 per month fee. But there is more.

Sophie & Krissi, Glamour Gurlz

And, it is only natural that with different size lingerie, there are different size models. Halleluiah! A site that recognizes all women are beautiful!

Glamour Gurls Christmas Photo

The galleries are organized by themes, such as type of lingerie (for example ‘full slips’ or ‘girdles & garters’), by model (which includes guest models from other sites), and even fun themes, such as ‘Car Wash’ which features models dressed in lingerie washing a car!

Glamour Gurlz Car Wash

Some of the photographs are even in black & white, to create that vintage feel. And for real fans of vintage lingerie, there are nostalgia galleries with collections of vintage lingerie ads & pinups.

Vintage Lingerie Ads from Glamour Gurlz Galleries

Hundreds of images, updated & rotated, so the lingerie fancier can continue to enjoy themselves.

It’s a classy & delightful way to spend some time on the ‘net. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase the galleries collected on DVD & view them at home, from your comfy couch... It’s your choice. And a worthwhile addition ~ or is that addiction? ~ for those collectors of lingerie seduction.

Glamour Gurlz is a Smokin' Site *wink*
Click to see a preview!


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