Wet Or Just A Wet Rag? a book review

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One woman's quest for adequate lesbian fiction and erotica begins...

I’m not usually one to pick up a book of lesbian erotica. I like my books well written and believable and my pornography gay (male). When I decided to order Wet : True Lesbian Sex Stories by Nicole Foster (Editor) a few weeks ago, I didn’t know what had gotten into me. Was I really that desperate? Did I really believe that it could be any better than my previous purchase which had promised to be the Best Writing in Lesbian Erotica but had failed miserably? Was it the possibility that it would be difficult to fuck up an erotica story if it were actually true?

While I may never know what tempted me, I can say for sure that this book was terrible. I skipped the first story because the author kept referring to the subject of the story as “my honey.” My honey ate an apple. My honey tied me up. My honey hates it when I call her that. How could I focus on the business of hot naked lesbians if I kept being inundated with honey this and honey that? My honey licked my pussy. My honey writhed atop me. My honey left me tied to the chair and never came back.

I made it through the second story with relative ease and moderate repulsion at writing ability and style. I was horrified while sampling each story beyond until I was completely turned off while reading one tale about a South Korean lesbian and an American who NEVER ACTUALLY HAD SEX! I turned to my partner and asked her to read some of it while she soaked in the bath. I thought maybe I was being unreasonably harsh and she is never so quick to judge. After a few minutes, I walked in and saw her flipping the pages with a look of disgust on her face. “Listen to this. Seriously, listen...” and proceeded to read one of the most grammatically poor sentences I’d come across in quite some time. “Why are these people allowed to publish anything? Why are these people writers? Why did you buy this book?”

I didn’t have any solid answers for her.

Wet is supposed to tell the true tales of lesbians’ erotic experiences. They were poorly written, mostly unbelievable, uninspired and very, very dry. The only wet things when we finished with it were the pages splashed with bathwater and my appetite for something, anything, better.

Review by Gaelle


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