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Where to go to find your Prince Charming's Better Looking Older Brother with a Really Great Car and Only Slightly Receding Hairline. That, or just read the ads and take your chances.

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Free Dating Site Reviews

Dating is an exceptionally good marketing ploy. Consider all the sales of shampoo, clothes, cosmetics and cars linked to dating. People (we) sell ourselves out everyday in the name of making a buck. Finding someone special to have in your life is a very personal, important and good thing. Yet, it has become warped by commercialism and the media. Nothing about dating is simple any more. From the dating games people play to the way you wear your hair to meeting people over the Internet, dating has become an obstacle course.

So what is a grrl to do? I don't have the answers, I'm still in dating hell myself. Here, for your Valentine viewing pleasure are my thoughts about the free dating sites out there. I only looked at the really free sites. You can join and use the site free, no credit card required. I choose these sites not only because I am budget conscious but because the sites you pay for seem to be big time spammers with pop up windows and floods of email you could do without too.

Without further ado...
This site is fun, you can do quizes, create quizes and browse for Mr. I'm OK. Also, it's evolving still, for the better. I have seen a few nice changes in the layout and navigation since I joined this month. However, most of the members are generations younger than I am. If you happen to be twenty-something, great. If not, good luck. Enjoy the site and who knows, maybe you will get lucky. The age of the subscribers is the only draw back, the site stands alone as a fun place to surf for useless personality quizes and take the test questions for your profile too. Extra features include instant messenger which you can turn off, I did.
Before you click away, this is an adult site, for people who are into fetishes such as BDSM. Don't go here expecting the standard dating site. The message boards are great, if you want to know more about BDSM and assorted fetishes try the boards. Introduce yourself and your questions. You can create a personal profile without intending to date if you just want to use the boards. The site has strict rules about what is allowed in profiles as far as nudity, pornography and links to outside sites and/ or email addresses. Pretty much no to all of those. I like this site but it does have the drawback that all the men you meet here are focused on sex and you are very unlikely to find a guy who wants to talk about a relationship.
This is the Canadian version of FindSomeone. You can choose from Australian, New Zealand and the UK. Nice looking site but few extras. There are unused message boards and a chat which requires a paid membership. However, you can read and search personals, send smiles and reply to other members without a paid membership. Overall I like the site and I have been getting quite a few contacts in a short time. The only problem I have is not being able to search or list myself by geographic location, just Ontario-other. If you live in a big city you will have better luck looking for someone close to you.

Plenty of
Easy to use site, great, simple navigation. That is something taken for granted usually but I have learned to appreciate it when it really works. There are messageboards here which are actually used to chat about anything and everything. A good way to find someone without going through the site's profile search. There is a problem with the search if you are Canadian, you can't narrow the search to any area of Canada. I had over 600 results in my search but they were from all over the country. On the plus side I have found some really good profiles here, from men I actually hoped to hear back from.
Still a new site so kind of hard to review it fairly. There are chat/ boards and it is free for the first 1000 members. The idea is to take the personality test and look for complimentary personality types. But, finding a complimentary type doesn't help if he is hundreds of miles away.

Big Dreams

Geared to BBW and BHM and fat admirers and whoever falls between the cracks in that list. It is the only free dating site for BBW's that I could find. Trust me, I looked quite a long time and looked at a lot of disappointingly unfree sites. This site is good, navigation isn't as simple as it could be but the site looks clean and gives a great first impression. I did not find many profiles to appeal to me for my area. Quite a few were looking for playmates and not long term so I skipped those. You may have better luck depending on your location. Best thing about this site is that it's BBW friendly. I really like having that out of the way when I look at profiles or place my own.

Pagan Personals

Just found this one through the Dating Dame site. I haven't looked around a lot, just poking a bit here and there this afternoon. You need to become a member to look at the site, search the ads. It's all free however so you're only investing the time it takes to write a quickie profile and then you can explore. If you find a few good men go back and write a real profile. I did like some of the ads I saw here. Just checked my webmail and I have a reply from someone tonight.

Good luck to us all. Happy Valentines day and don't feel pressured to having a date for V-Day. Be happy with yourself and then finding someone else to join you is not so hard at all.

Review by Laura


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