An Ode To The Babydoll Nightie

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Baron DiPiacere gives his thoughts, & directions, on lingerie.

I love lingerie and if I had my way every woman would have multiple dresser drawers filled with intimate lounge wear. I donít care what body shape you are, there is an item out there for you and you need to acquire it with a mad driven passion.

Now if for some strange reason, there was suddenly only one style among the nighties, bras, panties, garters and belts to choose from what would I do? Well, if creating a major revolution is out of the question than I guess I would settle for the baby doll.

The Babydoll, Courtesy of Glamour Gurlz dot Com

This should be an essential piece of wardrobe for every woman. Ladies if you donít have at least one, quit reading and purchase a number of them. Men, donít ask if she has one, just quit being a cheap bastard and treat her to a sexy little Baby Doll. It is the white oxford shirt of intimate fashion. It my not always be ďin styleĒ but it is always stylish and every woman should own one and make damn sure to parade around in it for the men (and/or women) in their lives.

What I like about the baby doll is it evokes a certain simple playfulness and I am all about playing with passion. Put even the most uptight woman in this and she feels suddenly carefree (what an awakening to see). Sounds good, doesnít it?

Now here is where a number of men just blow it.

There is a fine line between sexy and sleazy and apparently some men (and women too) have a hard time recognizing the difference. You can sleaze it up but never forget the sensual playful side. Iíve known many women whose experience with lingerie has been ruined by assuming a general mode of behavior went with wearing a clothing item. With the baby doll you canít screw it up. It just is plain adorable, cute, sexy, titillating and even naughty if you so desire. It is a classic and she is going to be a puddle of passion if you play your cards right. Look at the way it drapes on her body. Tell her how it accents those assets and take it all it all in. Donít go pulling it off her and go to town right away. In fact, donít ever remove it completely, let the fabric caress her body and involve it in your sex play (remember the word is playÖnot performance or act. Play =funÖgot it?) Let her lounge about and be that retro pin-up gal or that naughty vixen or both.

Patience grasshopper, enjoy the visual and rest up. I assure you that once she feels that she isnít a tawdry tart, but rather a delicious treat wrapped up all pretty, you are going to need the rest.

© Baron DiPiacere, who also writes The Pleasure Baron Chronicles


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Discuss This (11 Comments)

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