Ask A Pro: Surpising Him With A New Look

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Gracie answers the mail...

“Dear Gracie,
My husband and I have a fairly exhilarating sex life, but once in a while I like to completely surprise him with a new outfit, hair style, persona, etc. What, in your opinion, is the best "surprise" look I could go for. You may need a little background to help with a visual -- blonde, blue eyes, 5'4, athletic build (meaning small-ish breasts!). I do have, in spite of my petite size, a fairly blunt, outgoing personality. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question! Sincerely, HappyWife”

Dear HappyWife,

I am guessing that you are, indeed, married to HappyHubby, for little pleases a man more than a woman who does put effort into pleasing him. While we Sex Kittens are known for being awfully keen on being worshiped, we know we are partially adored simply because we also lavish attention on others. So kudos to you for adoring your hubby enough to put some renewed effort into the old bump & grind.

That said, let me tell you the truth.

In order to really turn his crank, I need more information. And while I could have simply replied to your email requesting more information, I choose instead to use this as an opportunity to educate many in the general sense. So for now, just bear with me; all will become clear in a few moments.

He must find you visually appealing to begin with, yes? And while tips on the best shade of lipstick, the most flattering bits of silk & lace are nice, there is much more to work with here than ‘parts.’ This is because when it comes to men, you need to get inside their head in order to elevate his other head. Especially when he has frequent access to your parts!

In order to surprise him with an unexpected yet pleasing persona, I’d need to know not only your typical look, but your typical persona ~ and, I really, really, need to know what lurks in his fantasy world...

It need not be anything dark or hidden. It need not be anything that you’ve never done before. It need not even be kinky.

Perhaps he’d be aroused by some sort of role reversal? For example, if he usually initiates sex, perhaps you could make the first move. You need not assume the role of Dominatrix for this. Just create a romantic setting, which clearly indicates your adult intentions. ,i>Set a table for two, with candle light, and after dinner, lead him by the hand to the neatly made bed & whisper in his ear how you intend for you both to mess it up! To heighten anticipation, and to further create the character, wear a strong color to let him know you are leading, or wear his favorite outfit of yours to let him know this night is all about him.

If you’d like to spice things up, create the time & space for a nooner. Call him at the office, or if he doesn’t have that sort of job, pre-arrange a lunch date. You pick him up, take him somewhere, and seduce him. If you can’t afford or orchestrate a hotel or other discreet place (& neither of you are willing to risk public exposure), then tease & torture him, leave him hard & erect, and tell him he’d better be home at 5:15 on the button, or you’ll play with your button without him! (And if he’s late, to call your ‘bluff,’ be in bed masturbating at 5:16 ~ this can be enough to make some folks explode without even touching you!)

Or maybe he’d like to play that you are the shy virginal girl, and he’s the big strong man... Wear white, lots of lip gloss, and act timid & of course, impressed & a bit afraid by his size. *wink*

Or maybe for HappyHubby, his fantasies are dark & deep. Maybe you’ll need to crack that whip, or submit to it? These are the things I don’t know about him. But you do!

And you were so correct to use the term ‘persona.’ It’s the little details about how you are dressed, the use of makeup, colors, hairstyle ~ all of it goes into the character you create for this surprise seduction. Use color to show who’s got the lead, what the little game is...

Spend a few minutes thinking about what you know he likes. Then playfully work out all the details: create a little fantasy setting, set it up ahead of time, & dress for it. You can bet he’ll be elated with the experience.

If couples put this sort of effort into their relationships, even if only sporadically, there would be little need for sex workers.

And I ought to know.


HappyWife, as a thank you for letting me make a general readership reply, you feel free to contact me again, and we’ll put our heads together with more specifics for you!

Interested in getting help & or beauty tips from a Pro? Email me at ~ please put ‘Ask A Pro’ in the subject line. Thank you!


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