The Male Gift Giving Survival Guide

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The Rules & Taboos For Giving Gifts to Woman

The Male Gift Giving Survival Guide Author Tim Connor writes this book for men. And it’s about time. Men need as much help with gift selection as they can get. Even if they think they don’t. As the author writes:

“You would think that if you took the time to shop & spend your hard-earned cash, that there is no such thing as a bad gift. WRONG!”

Many men stumble around blindly when it comes to gift giving time. Many don’t even understand what or when is ‘gift giving time.’ So I was more than a bit skeptical when I saw that a man attempted to write a book that deals with the subject. But after reading it, I think one of the greatest strengths of this book lies in the fact that all the sound advice comes from a man ~ he speaks their language.

He translates this mystery of ’what women want.’ And make no mistake, while this is common knowledge among women, the range of bad gifts surely shows that our wishes are nothing less than a mystery.

This little book packs a giant wallop ~ and unlike the kind we ladies give dumb men upside their heads when we receive the bad gifts, it seems this wallop works.

Mr. Connor doesn’t take chapter after chapter to prove each last detail of the mysteries between men & women. He doesn’t make this yet another ‘Mars vs Venus’ discussion, he just points out what is true, and leaves the ‘bigger mysteries’ to those that care to follow them up on their own (with a handy reading list for those that are compelled to research the matter further).

For most, if they can just see a reflection of their own bad gift giving experiences, they won’t need to understand ‘why,’ but just accept that ‘it is, & here’s how to work with it.’

Short, concise, with just enough explanation to get men to see that here there is a problem they can solve, this book is likely to get read. And more importantly, used.

Included are gems on best gifts & worst gifts, which show the depth & breadth of gift giving opinions. Exposing that finding good gifts isn’t about finding a perfect list of appropriate gifts in this, or any other, book. No, men will discover they will have to do the unthinkable. They will have to learn things about their lady.

To help, Mr. Connor provides worksheets or journal pages. Nearly 30 pages of simple fill in the blanks covering everything from the dates to remember & her sizes to the ‘what makes her smile.’ From lists of things that men can do to make a special lady feel loved to spaces for listing her favorite people (famous & not-so-famous.) It’s 30 pages of ‘know your mate’ in simple enough format that any man can follow along & fill in the blanks.

(To women, this information gathering will seem like knowledge so basic that any man who didn’t know this stuff would be too dumb to be in a relationship. But then, ladies, remember that Birthday toaster? Those bad gifts are proof that there are times he is too dumb to be in a relationship! So please don’t mock him when he finally figures out that he needs to play catch up. Just because we naturally know these things about him, because we naturally file this information away so that we can please him with the perfect gift, doesn’t mean the male considers things this way. What is important to remember here is that he is now going to put the time in on this.)

Also included in this inventory area, pages for him to list gifts that were received with real smiles, gifts that were not appreciated, & additional pages for journaling his gift giving ~ date, occasion & gift itself. No more repeat mistakes, no more repeat gifts!

Gents, spend the $19.95 on the book. It will save you thousands of dollars in bad gift purchases. And when you keep your lady love, this also saves you money as you avoid divorce court, dating services, and sex workers.

Ladies, if you are tired of suffering from bad gift syndrome by association, just buy him the book, fill in the blanks if you have to. Isn’t it worth it to end the insanity? Also, a great gift idea ~ help out your friends, your sister, your sister-in-law etc buy giving their bad-gift-giving-mates this book.

Do it for the legions of sales persons everywhere who are tired of gift returns & exchanges!

‘The Male Gift Giving Survival Guide’ just might make the world a happier place.

© Gracie

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