The Victoria's Secret Catalog Never Stops Coming and Other Lessons I Learned from Breast Cancer. By: Jennie Nash

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At first I was reluctant to open it and begin reading, for I didn't want to read yet another book of hope and inspiration.

Victoria's Secret, a Book on Breast Cancer When I first received this book and looked at the title, I thought it would be about the humorous side of having breast cancer. But then I quickly changed my mind, for there is no humor in having this disease. At first I was reluctant to open it and begin reading, for I didn't want to read yet another book of hope and inspiration. To me, all the books I had read so far had been like that. I wanted something different. Sorry to say, this book was not the different I was looking for, but after reading it all the way through, I changed my outlook on it...all because of one paragraph, which I'll get to later.

During the first few chapters, I felt that this was just another woman's account of her battle with and journey through breast cancer. Those with the disease already know that it's a life changing experience. But for those who do not, I thought this book might be a good introduction and could shed some light on what a person goes through. The author does not go into detail about what a person goes through mentally, but she did give examples of what she went through physically. From detection, and surgery to reconstruction and recovery..she gives her readers a road map for a journey no one chooses to take.

The lessons she learned however, are not the lessons all breast cancer patients will learn. One thing I learned about having this disease is that everybody is different and that different is a good thing. There is one thing that throughout the entire book stuck with me though..and it was in the introduction. Mrs. Nash writes, "Most of us can't do much to find a cure for breast cancer. We can write a check or take a fund-raising walk, but we're not the ones in the lab working with vaccines and genes or coming up with new theories of detection that might make the mammogram seem archaic. What we can do...whether we're looking back on a cancer experience, helping someone else through a cancer experience, or living through the horror right his to tell our story. Stories help. Stories heal. Your story might be the very thing that saves someone's life or helps them get through the night. It might be the only thing that brings you a measure of peace." This was the paragraph that struck me the most. Why? Because it's completely and honestly a true statement.

Today, I took this book with me to my radiation appointment. While waiting for the tech to call my name, I read that paragraph to the other patients waiting their turn. They all smiled, and said the same thing.."How true." So even though my first impression of this book was one not so good, after reading through it, my mind changed. For it IS the stories that help us with the disease. Jennie Nash's account transforms one of life's most harrowing experiences into a story of reassurance and enlightenment. A true celebration of survival. I recommend this a good and easy read for patients, family and friends of those going through his life changing experience.

Review of The Victoria's Secret Catalog Never Stops Coming: And Other Lessons I Learned From Breast Cancer by Kat.


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