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Gracie answers her email, but this time, it’s different. Someone who would not reply to my email to see if I might identify them by their ‘name’ sort of ranted about why “don’t I support Victoria’s Secret at this site.”

I know it’s not a burning issue or anything, but I felt compelled to respond...

There are several reasons why I don’t support or link to Victoria’s Secret here at

#1 Very little fits me. As a DD cup, you have to get assistance from sales women who rummage around in drawers, trying to find you a bra. (And someone please tell me why they are always surprised to hear of a cup size with 2 letters?!) What they come up with is their ‘Second Skin Satin’ bras which are practical but not pretty. Sometimes, there might be another choice. But never is it the lovely bra in the window. And you’ll never, ever get a teddy, bustier or baby doll with a DD cup. Good luck with anything stunning if you are over a C.

At Fredericks of Hollywood, they have a wide selection, and while they store items in ‘drawers’ they are see-thru & organized well, so you can find some things yourself. Not to mention, the selection for those blessed with larger breasts is much better. Their window will feature styles, pretty pretty things, in a wide array of sizes. From Itty Bitty Titty Committee to the The Side-Show Freak Bazooms: No one needs to feel like the frumpy size there.

At Vicky’s, a nice rack is a curse, not a blessing. This is not a petty complaint. Nor it is bad timing on my part. Hell, at one time I worked for them, and even when new stock came in, nothing.

#2 This is petty: I worked for them, and I didn’t enjoy the experience. Mainly it was a problem with another manager, Anne, who was the snottiest, rudest pig on the planet. You ladies know the type: a stick figure with a heavily wrinkled face, a sour attitude, & delusions of power. While only in her early 30’s, the lines were earned by heavy partying, and she was as sour as the mix in her drinks. Alcohol did not preserve that woman well.

Anyway, not only was she a stick, but she had one up her ass. She was always referring to my ample curves in a derogatory manner, and she seemed to have an intense hatred for the fact that at least once a week men would enter the store with gifts &/or invitations for me. Perhaps she & her boyfriend had a bad or non-existent sex life, I don’t know. But apparently she hated ’everything about me.’ In short, I was her whipping girl. Any of ‘her staff’ that talked to me, took breaks with me, were written up. I mean actually documentation in their employee records! ‘There is to be no friendly mingling between managers & the non-management employees’ was the crime. However, they could take breaks with her. *snort* I could have lived with that. I could have lived with the horrid schedule she always created for me. But when she caused problems for me with the District Manager, using the 'forbidden mingling,' I just had enough. So every time I enter a Victoria’s Secret shop, I smell her rancid stink, feel her beady eyes, & I absolutely *hate* the time I must stand waiting on some clerk to rummage nervously through the drawer as if I am asking for some item no one ought to expect them to carry. It’s a petty reason, I know, but it’s my call. Gracie's website, Gracie's pettiness, so Phffft.

Sure, I could promote the website. But let’s face it, the mail order options are still slim pickings for a curvy gal. And I just can’t envision adding to that company’s bottom line ~ especially if Anne is still getting a paycheck.

#3 By virtue of the fact that I received an email regarding this, I figure Vicky’s has enough audience awareness. *Everybody* knows about the company, the website, so they don’t need any one alerting potential customers to their existence.

But there a many other places to buy great lingerie. Vintage lingerie sellers, unique lingerie makers, & even older companies with less awareness ~ I believe they can use the ‘help’ if you will.

And besides, no one wants to show up at the dance in the same dress as 30 other girls, so why would a Sex Kitten wish to show up in boudoir in an ensemble that 30 other women could & would have? We like to be unique. Vicky’s inventory isn’t unique. Victoria no longer has any secrets.

And those, kiddos, are the reasons why we don’t promote Victoria’s Secret.


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Discuss This (4 Comments)

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