Are Men & Women Genetically Designed For Age Differences?

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In many cultures, historical & current, there are people who have what we in the USA would consider atypical sexual relationships. Forget what you know about your Western Civilized ideals of relationships, maturity, emotional attachments & even patriarchy...

The premise is simple: take one man, one woman, and match them by the natural rhythms of the bodies & the cycle of life.

What I am about to relay to you here is obviously a simplistic version. If you are fascinated, disagree, or otherwise interested in knowing more details, please use the message boards to make a request, & I will provide more anthropological evidence for you. For now, just look at the simple functional dynamic & ask yourself if it doesn’t indeed make sense...

As a man becomes older, he gains in power & wealth. A herder gains in sheep, a merchant his own shoppe, a farmer his own or larger piece of land. For his exceptional abilities as a hunter, warrior, healer etc. he may even obtain a position of note within the social structure, as a wise leader. It is at this point that this man is at his very best as a provider. He is done with most of his hardest work of building & amassing security, & now may relax a bit more. He will now want to ’settle down.’ Perhaps an heir for his fortune, his role as leader perhaps, & at the very least, children are now seen as a way for the family & indeed himself to live on. At the very least, he’d like to have companionship for these later years. Lucky him, for he is now most able to provide for a family.

Given that men are & always have been drawn physically to the beauty of young, fertile women, it is only natural that now he turn to look at a young bride. And, according to his wealth, want to obtain the most desirable women he sees.

Young women, will not have much of their own. They will likely still live with their parents. They will work as they are required to for the survival of themselves, their families & the group, if that is how the culture is fashioned. They will see an older man not for his looks, but for what this man can do for her, and her children, should she have any.

He may choose, & court her, but ultimately she chooses or accepts him as well.

An older man will desire her for her youthful beauty, he will bed her, but being that he is older, his drive less intense, his sex drive is akin with hers. He has the experience, she the charms, & both capable of creating children.

His age & position provide security, literally for his young bride & children she or they have. All is right with the world.

Time passes. He ages, & eventually passes away. Leaving all his wealth, security, & perhaps even his position to his now not quite as young wife.

She is now a mature & experienced woman, with both her & her children’s futures stable & secure. She may wish to find companionship of her own. Perhaps even someone to help her with the business, the land, the sheep that she has been left ~ for her children are still too young to do all the work themselves, & likely still require care & training of their own yet.

Now mature, her sexual appetite is, if not at full peak, certainly more than it was as a young bride. And having had a husband, she is now experienced enough to know what she is missing. She now looks at the population, and it is her turn to find a mate.

Now it is she who will likely search for a younger mate: a man who will be available to her sexually, who also needs to establish himself as a provider. Younger men need to be taught ~ both the joys of sex, & the tasks of being a provider. He will be lured by her charms ~ perhaps not the firm breasts of a fertile young woman, but he will be attracted to her knowledge.

Age isn’t the issue here. There isn’t a thought as to “being older” in a negative or remarkable sense. For what matters here are the natural rhythms of reproduction & responsibility. A balance between the knowledge holder & the knowledge seeker. In this culture it is recognized that the each person, man & woman, has a role to fill, tasks to carry out. For the good of the people both as individuals & as a society, each has a job to fill. It’s the natural ebb & flow of things, based on knowledge & skills as well as reproductive means that relationships are based upon.

This young man's goal is to learn as much about how to provide security for a woman & children as it is to learn how to provide a woman pleasure. As she ages, he takes on more & more of the responsibilities, until he masters them. When it is her turn to pass, she will leave it all to him (her children having aged to a point where they have entered into relationships of their own ~ perhaps, depending upon the culture, taking a share of the business or family wealth with them).

Now he is a mature, older man, with security, knowledge & power, in search of a younger woman, who will please him, just as his first wife pleased her first husband... And so the cycle continues.


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Discuss This (3 Comments)

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