Book Review - "Nit-pickers, Naggers and Tyrants: Turn Them Off or Tune Them Out" by Tim Connor

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Review of a book written by a man who appears to get more milage out of his words than anyone else I've ever read. (this isn't necessarily a good thing...)

In "Nit-pickers, Naggers and Tryants: Turn Them Off or Tune Them Out," author Tim Connor starts with the premise that he'll off up some great advice on how to stop these sorts of people in your life from getting to you. The sub-title of this book is "How to take back control of your life and re-awken the real you" and while it sounded so promising as a self-help book for those of us who've had it up to our ears with negative, nagging, sometimes-controlling people, it turns out to be a different sort of read.

Tim has some good basic ideas in here, but he seems to focus more on getting someone to question their OWN behavior rather than giving tips on how to not let these sorts get to you or even on how to avoid letting these sorts enter your life. It is obvious from the style of the writing that Tim is a speaker more so than a writer - the chapters would be more effective if one were sitting in a seminar rather than reading on your own. There are many typos with missing grammar or incorrect grammar but these don't detract (too much) from what he's trying to accomplish but ARE not something I'd expect in a book from a "best selling author." He spends alot of time reinforcing that the opinions in the book are just that, his opinions - but I find that strange to write over and over since, if the book is in a reader's hands, they obviously were wanting to KNOW his opinion, right?

This book does have a couple of nuggets of gold inside, but it certainly wouldn't be my first suggestion to someone who's looking to help get these sorts out of their lives. If you like sorting through the same types of information repeated in different ways that's great for you then. Having read a couple other of his books, what I found most annoying are the word for word lifts of entire secions from his other works. It feels a bit like there's no reason to read more than one of his books if it's in the same sort of self-help vein.

Overall I can't say that I would suggest this book to friends. To a stranger in a bookstore, maybe, but my friends are far too intelligent to find his stuff really worthwhile.

Review by Ina


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