Searching For Ken

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If Barbie is the ideal woman, then let's pretend Ken is the ideal man.

Vixen reviews

Featured Recipe: Barbie Shot


* 1 oz Malibu rum
* 1 oz Absolut Vodka
* 1 oz Cranberry juice
* 1 oz Orange juice

Shake with ice and strain/pour into shot glass.

Searching For Ken

For The Girls If Barbie is all t-n-a, then let's view the search for Ken as the ideal male bod. Hard in the right places, perfect hair that's always in place, & he'll sit quietly for hours holding your purse while you try on all your pretty dresses & shoes. Only, let's make our Ken anatomically correct ;)

In my quest for damn fine men, I turn to the web. Yeah, I'm looking for nude pics. I'm looking for porn.

My quest brings me to

Here you'll find all the muscles, chiseled chins, & sexy hair you can want. You'll find them undressing, you'll find them completely nude. You'll find them holding their proud members. You'll even find them doing the nasty with some cute women. has all the features you'd expect --

For The Girls

The Centerfold section, where you can 'meet' the hunky guy, and find out how funny, smart, sweet, whatever he is. (I don't read the centerfold type stuff, I don't want to know anything about the guy I am objectifying, but hey, that's me, you might really get off that way.)

They also have a 'Hunks' section, where you will find the bods & not the bios. Heh Heh. :p They are organized neatly like the good bods, umm, boys they are: Amateur, Black, Muscles, Big Dicks etc.

Also, they have a mature section, if you're into DILFs.

If you prefer photos of couples, they have that too. Start off sweet, & get hardcore. That's my motto, & apparently these folks agree. ;)

They also have big talent. Umm, I mean big names, such as Pete & Dan from Muscle Adonis. (OK, their names 'Pete' & 'Dan' aren't 'big,' but they are 'names' as in 'well known.')

For The Girls There are also plenty of movies. And these are also categorized, which is rather nice. Because sometimes you are in the mood for one thing, but not so much another. And having to search through or watch stuff you don't want is a turn off. For example, watching a dude masturbate may not be your thing. Me, I like the couples. And these films actually had the couples engaged in foreplay, with kissing & everything. (Before you think I've gone all soft, just know that kissing is sexy, damnit, it doesn't have to be all mushy & crap.)

So a round of applause for the folks for organizing my porn. (Do they make house calls?)

OK, so what about the days you aren't so interested in porn... why pay for a membership site?

For The Girls Well, at you'll find plenty of articles. Sure, there are erotic stories, but there are also real articles, sex tips, a few ranty essays -- along the lines of what you'll find on sex-kitten. (Ironicly, they even have an article called " Barbie Girl - If Barbie is so popular, why do we have to buy her friends?" which was rather cheeky!)

So even when you aren't in the mood to take the batteries with you to the computer, you'll still be entertained your money's worth.

Other things you should know:

Finding your way around is sweet & simple.

No problems with login or access.

There are a few ads -- not pop ups, but to a store, & a few outside sites for videos etc. Nothing annoying, but I mention it. So, whatever, now you know.

They also have a monthly sex toy give-away for members. That rocks.

For The GirlsOverall, I say go for it. This pics are not the same old same old, and the articles are original too (I did Google searches for specific sentences, & no matches found!) The first month is about $30, then each month after that, it's only $20 -- for less than a buck a day, you can explore all the Kens you'd like & still have some fun reading to do.

(Batteries not included!)

Review by Vixen.

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