Rocket Balm

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Specially formulated for HIS pleasure. A review by Kat.

Featured Recipe: Rocket Fuel


* 1 shot 160 proof Vodka
* 1 shot Tequila
* 1 shot White rum

Mix all in glass and drink rapidly!

Kat Reviews Rocket Penis Balm

Ok... so I received this little box of Rocket Body Balm. On the back of the box it reads; "Let the tingling sensations and stimulating peppermint aroma take you on a journey of pleasure you will want to revisit again and again!" Hmm?..that sounds interesting.

So I open the box and inside is this little tin can of balm. To me, it looks like and smells like peppermint lip balm. I rubbed a little on my lips and hand, and well, felt nothing. But then again, it's suppose to be for a man. So off I went, to find my man, and have a little experiment. ;)

The ingredients seemed unharmful. Almond, coconut, and peppermint oil, also with beeswax, shea butter, menthol, ginseng, the preservative of methyl papaben bht, and wild oats extract. Wild oats extract huh? Well, that sounds like a good thing.

The directions state to apply a small amount to the 'desired' area and massage into the skin until fully absorbed. Ok, I can do that.

But getting it out of the tin is another story. This stuff is pretty hard, like a tube of lip balm would be, so I had to use my fingernail to chuck out a small piece, and then let it melt in my hand a bit before applying it to my man's desired area. I told him to relax and let me take him on the "journey of pleasure."

Once I got the stuff onto his 'member' he immediately noticed a cooling sensation. He said it was not very intense, so I thought that maybe a little heat from my lips would intensify the sensation. It did, but I have to tell ya, this stuff takes like shit, and made my lips tingle so much they were almost numb... and it wasn't from the sucking action. When I asked my man how the journey of pleasure was feeling, he said that after awhile, it just didn't do anything for him. It's also not the slickest of lubes either. Since I knew what it did to the inside of my mouth, I was not about to try it on any of my nether regions, so we washed off and continued the 'journey of pleasure' with our favorite "other" lube.

I'd recommend this product for 'play', but not for serious sucking, hand jobs, and/or fucking. However, it does make a great lip balm!

Review by kat.


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