My Favorite Fuck Songs

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There's an art to putting together a soundtrack for sex. First of all, it has to go the distance. You have to have enough songs on there so that it doesn't finish before you do. Next, you want the music to match each phase of the seduction. You don't want Nine Inch Nails driving and thrusting while you are still in the gently kissing and touching phase, nor do you want the sweet romantic strains of James Taylor slowing you down when you’re ready to rock that ass!

Not just any love song nor any bump-grind song with heavy rhythm makes the perfect fuck song. Consider the lyrics and the singer’s voice. Blend all the elements together so that when you’re in the carnal act, you barely notice the music is there at all. Plus, it’s going to be a very personal and individual collection—songs that mean something to you.

Here is my fuck soundtrack:

Usher – “Nice and Slow” I try not to think about the fact that I found this song on an CD in my 14-year-old son’s music collection. Well, he has good taste in music. Usher is, by far, the most sensual of the big-name rappers. There’s nothing subtle about this song. Listen to it and see if it doesn’t get you in the mood ta “get this thing started right now.”

Nick Drake – “Northern Sky” Here’s a laid back, friendly little fuck song. If you can cut some slack to the lyrics, which are rather corny, the melody combined with Drake’s dreamy voice make this a pleasant background to any preliminary sexual activity.

Jet – “Hold On” We turn up the intensity just a bit here. This song is intended to accompany the beginning groans and heavy breathing of genuine arousal.

The Kinks – “Living on a Thin Line” I first heard this song accompanied by strippers on an episode of The Sopranos. Now it is forever coupled in my mind with hot naked women gyrating and pulsing in a tragic, but oh-so-sexy dance of lust.

Chris Isaac - “Wicked Game” Another lyrically sexual song, and Isaac’s crooning is the, um, cherry on top. The world was on fire no-one could save me but you/ Strange what desire will make foolish people do. Strange, indeed, but often very pleasant!

Paula Cole – “Feelin’ Love” My all-time favorite fuck song, to be sure. Cole’s voice is rich and sweet, like hot maple syrup. Her lyrics are quite direct (You make me feel like the Amazon’s runnin’ between my thighs…) and she manages to slip in a few esoteric references to Isis and Desdemona not many listeners will understand.

Santana – “Europa” No lyrics necessary here. You should be naked by the time this song comes on, but no full-on shagging just yet. Try to imagine if Carlos Santana were trying to seduce you using nothing but his two hands and an electric guitar—this song would be the result.

Jack Black – “Let’s Get it On” Very odd that the Tenacious D version of this classic tune would beat out the original by the master fuck-song artist himself, Marvin Gaye. But something about Black’s harmony makes it more of a turn-on for me. Plus this song gives just a hint of Jack Black’s patented dufus clown act, which can be quite sexy in the right combination. A man who can make me laugh is halfway to turning me on.

John Mayer – “Your Body is a Wonderland” Oh, is there a more erotic metaphor than that? How about the image of swimming naked in a “deep sea of blankets”?

Dishwalla – “Every Little Thing You Wanted” A very heartfelt, soulful song with some lovely guitar licks and feathery soft vocals. This will be the final foreplay piece on the CD.

Prince – “Kiss” He has a way of singing that makes him sound like he’s in pain. What’s hotter than sexual desire so intense it’s painful? This song has the bonus of being associated with some pretty cool memories from my teen years, plus I saw Julia Roberts sing this in a hot tub on Pretty Woman.

Nine Inch Nails – “Closer” Yes, this is the eternal classic fuck song. I had to include it so here it is. This is a good one for when that ass is rockin and the body fluids are flying and the two of you are grunting too loud to even hear the soundtrack.

Bloodhound Gang – “The Bad Touch” This one makes the cut just on pure whimsy alone. Making love (the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket) has never been more fun!

Madonna – “Justify My Love” The woman is a goddess. Shameless orgasmic moaning and gasping in a surprisingly melodic way.

Chris Isaac – “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing” I couldn’t choose between the two Isaac songs so I included them both. This one fits well in the climax/afterglow. There’s some very sultry guitar work here.

Puddle of Mud – “Control” Another drifting-down-in-the-afterglow song with a BDSM flavor. This is the last song on the CD because its aggressive sexual theme, driving beat and emotional intensity have the potential to spark things up for another round.

So there you have it, my Red Hot Lovin’ Soundtrack. Please do visit the discussion boards and share your own favorites.


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Discuss This (19 Comments)

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