An Open Letter to Pocket Rocket

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ADeadHeart writes to her newest buzzing toy.

Featured Recipe: Is That a Banana in Your Pocket?!


* Ice cubes
* 2 parts Whiskey
* 1 part Banana liqueur
* 2 parts Sweet and sour
* Fill with 7-Up

Fill Collins glass with ice. Pour in all ingredients ~ saving the 7-Up for the last, to top off glass. Stir and enjoy the silliness!

ADeadHeart Writes To Her Newest Toy

Dear Pocket Rocket,

When I opened up the little envelope you came (who new?) in, I was tenderly amused with your delicately small stature. Grateful for you discreet appearance. Pleased with your small cord, noting that you could be hung on my D-ring and no one would be any wiser.

I also observed your very small, albeit proportionate, battery and wrinkled my nose at you.>

Still, ever the devoted reviewer, ever the insatiable bullet abuser…I did what I had to do.

(And we won’t mention that someone actually had to tell me to take off your little hat of a lid.)

I must admit, your silence pleased me – more then you did. It seems I must simply find myself a soundproofed room…and something with a 9 volt.

But fear not! I went into this knowing you were powered by a mere calculator battery. I don’t….hold it against you. But neither will I hold you against me…leaving you for the more recherché…

I might keep you on my key ring though – just to see if anyone notices.



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