Parenting Sex Lessons

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When I suggested this issue on 'the big talk' or sex lessons from parents, I had no idea what to expect... Would we be laughing? Would we be crying? Would we be ashamed of ourselves? What messages are we sending to those 'kids today?'

If you figured most of our stories & thoughts would be the same ~ after all, we are all sex kittens, are we not? ~ you are in for a bit of a surprise... Even if we are all sex positive women, we didn't all have the same experiences. And as usual, we are rather opinionated women. So go ahead, read and see if what you thought about our regular columnists is true!

SK News:

I am purring with delight to announce that Satan's Angel, The Devil's Own Mistress, is gracing with her presence! Not only do we have an exclusive interview with this living legend, but she's moved right in to her very own boudoir!

Let's give her a big group hug as a welcome, shall we?

Store News:

We've added new items to the store ~ and as sinfully fun as sex toys are, you can remain a good boy or girl with our current special...

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