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Parts is parts so they say. But sometimes, it seems they figure in just a little too much. Take bra shopping for example, something men don't have a clue about...

It is not a simple matter of just running in to the store, grabbing 'the right size' and purchasing. Nope, bra shopping has lots of hidden aggravations and more than one pit fall.

Men can't relate. All they have to do is note the number on the inside of the undies, and replace them as they wear out - much like a car part.

Poor dears are often not even up to that challenge, often asking their wife, partner or mom to do that for them.

We, on the other hand, know that not all 36 B's are alike. Not all of any size, even by the same manufacturer, are the same. The numbers, while a good starting point, are not really all that meaningful.

But let's start back at the beginning.

You do laundry, and find, for any number of reasons, under wires poking through, stretched out elastic, small tears, or just one damn shabby looking little number, and you know it is time to toss it out, and since you have gone through this little procedure several times in the last few weeks, it is time to face facts:

You must bra shop again.

You head into the store, find the right department, and begin to select your items to try on, using size marks as a guide.

I usually just try random bras, by several makers, collecting about 6-10, and head for a fitting room.

Once there, I try them all on. There can be laughter & sighs involved as I view the various interpretations of 'the breast.'

You know what I mean - some makers insist all nipples are front & center, and make large points for this - and if you don't fit that way, you have a minimum of 4 nipples.

Or, you get the 'udder bras' where the top line of the cup is not as elastic, or full as you might like, cutting into your flesh, giving you the look of 2 rows of breasts...

My sister has complained often of the 'grapefruit' bras, where the fiber fill not only shows under clothing, but once removed, gives a textured appearance to your own skin, like that of a citrus fruit...

Ahh, the options are many...

But now, you have found that you are a size (blank) and maker A, and a size (blank, smaller or larger) in maker B. You must now head back to the racks (no pun intended) and select by color etc.

This is where I am always frustrated.

Seems that the pretty leopard bra is not made in my size, in fact, I get to choose from 'matron beige,' '1950's pointy white,' and 'iron maiden black.'

If I get a satin one, it looks so different from the one shown in a 32 A that I check style numbers...

You need bras for 'every day' functions, such as comfort, some that work with those tee-shirts (so the lines & straps don't show), some different colors so they blend with your outfits, and of course, at least one bra that makes you look like some bra model - this one is of course in a ridiculous shade that can only be worn with 2 tops you have, but you must buy it - don't worry, you won't have it long, it will likely be destroyed in the laundry.

But, eventually, based on needs & ok, and some desire, you find the sizes, makers, styles & colors of your needs.

You purchase just a few, as you will need to see how they wash & wear before you invest an entire week's pay in undergarments.

Time passes, your intentions of dashing back to get a few more of those bras that did wash & wear well were abandoned (probably because you were out buying his undies).

So when you do return, they no longer carry that bra, or they have even stopped making it...

Back to the fitting room?

Well, usually that is a decision that life makes for me. If I have children, there is *no* way I can attempt the mission then. If I have less than an hour, I will also have to wait.

Until the next time I do laundry...



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