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Like any other group ~ be it plumbers, politicians, or ministers ~ sex workers need a trade publication.

Spread Magazine $pread Magazine illuminates the sex industry. It's a magazine by and for sex workers of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds, and their allies, across the globe.

The publication is long needed, finally offering a resource for workers, complete with practical tips, information on rights, and news that affects those already involved in sex work. It's a great place for pros to share & exchange information.

Like any trade publication, it offers support & advice, but $pread also is on a mission to encourage. Along with the advice & information there are personal writings, much like our Boudoirs, which tell the stories of personal experiences. As workers read & write their own opinions, thoughts & experiences, everyone realizes they are part of society. No longer are workers so marginalized.

For those in as well as those outside of sex work, these shared experiences allow folks to see more than 'what a day is like,' but what a life is made of. So while the information may be 'typical' in one sense, it also is also unique. The sex workers & the industry itself becomes humanized as faces are put on those statistics & averages. Since many sex workers are isolated & disconnected, just knowing there are others 'like me' fosters a sense of community & emotional support that is much needed.

But perhaps more important than this sense of community, is the information about the community & its members. Sex workers are not a collection of self-hating-diseased-animals nor two-dimensional nymphomaniac characters. Those outside the industry ought to meet the diverse, intelligent, creative, wise folks who work there. In $pread, they can.

Many of the pieces are fiercely agenda driven, an as-to-be-expected choir of sex worker voices preaching to the choir about how sex workers do exist. For those in the industry, this is a warm welcome voice in a world of cold political chatter. By accepting personal pieces from sex workers, the publication sends the message that individuals matter ~ proof that a choir is made up of all the voices in it.

If you are a sex worker, ever been interested in sex work ~ even curious about becoming one, you need this magazine. Those interested in human rights, social change, culture &/or sexuality will also greatly enjoy a subscription.

Review by Gracie.


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Discuss This (8 Comments)

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