Dating a Cross Dresser

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Kara tells us of her long term relationship with a cross-dresser.

When I first met him online, he always described himself as a 'former' cd with a slip and nylon i.e. leg fetish. He showed me pics of himself as his girl side. He even mentioned he would love to be my panty boy and wanted to dress for me (knowing I was attracted to men only--but ADORED men who wore lingerie) YUMMEEE! *giggles*

But as our relationship became closer, via IMs, emails, letters, and finally phone calls, he admitted that he rarely dressed any longer but still loved wearing lingerie. He told me he dreamed of meeting a woman who would accept his dressing and the next few months he totally swept me off my feet with his charm.

He was married and lived a very traditional family life... kids and all. His wife knew nothing... which I always found so hard to believe. He kept all his 'goodies' in a storage locker and would get away for weekends telling her it was for work. We finally met in person about a year after meeting online and were instantly attracted to one another... it was a weekend neither of us will ever forget--that I am sure of...the passion was so intense.

He was much older than myself (me 39 him 52) but we were totally on the same 'wave length' when it came to a lot of issues. He always used to tease me and say 'are you sure your not a cd? you sure act like one' lol . But anyway, we got close and he introduced me to his world of tg/ts/cd friends. One in particular that he was very close with who was a t-girl. He once told me she created the ultimate woman fantasy for him... he said it was a sort of 'role playing' thing... but again, he swore to me there was no intimacy and that he was not attracted to men in any way... he said they shared a mutual love of dressing and vintage lingerie. He also used to hang out a lot with her and friends on weekends taking pics for them. He once told me he was in love with three people... 'his wife, his tg friend and myself'...

As we started getting on a more serious level with our relationship ( i.e. the L word) lol ... I started questioning him more about his relationship with his tgirl friend and he became very distant with me. He would always say 'Don't you trust me?' ...all I wanted to do was trust him and believe him! Looking back now I can see how I was so blind and totally naive'. He was a very charming person and so full of life and fun to be around. I was captivated by his charm and I guess I wanted to believe everything he told me.

Towards the end of our relationship He told me that he found it hard to dress with me because I may him feel like a 'big man or protector'.

At the beginning of our relationship we made so many promises to each other... one being we would always be honest and two being we would always be friends--no matter what happened. The more I pushed, the further he ran... ultimately we just stopped talking.

Download/listen to Cult of Gracie Radio with Dr. Jane Vargas on cross dressing. (Post-show notes here.)


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Discuss This (2 Comments)

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