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Vixen says "You do!"

Featured Recipe: Sweet Satisfaction


* 1 oz Irish cream
* 1 oz Amaretto
* 1 oz Butterscotch schnapps
* 1 oz Coconut rum

Fill highball glass with ice and combine ingredients, stir and enjoy.

Vixen Reviews Sweet Action Magazine

Every woman will tell you "it's not the parts" when it comes to porn, smut mags, & even sex itself. It's all the other aspects of a man that make us want to get him naked & see his parts. Just like a date with a guy, we want the personality of the guy in magazine (or website, or whatever adult entertainment you can think of) to play along with us first. We want to laugh at his jokes & see his quirks before we laugh at or see his cock. Enter Sweet Action magazine.

For once, some one gets the idea that if women really aren't turned on by just parts, maybe we should give them what they want, and pop the penis at them now & then - as needed.

Sweet Action Magazine At first, flipping through the magazine (which is my ultimate test for mags), you'll see less porn than you'd think. It's not to say that there isn't any nudity. There is. But unlike the typical smut publications (for heterosexual women or gay men), the focus here isn't all oiled male bods. These photos are not stock modeling portfolio shots. These photos are interesting.

Some are very snap-shot amateur. But others are more 'arty' creating the feeling of movement or capturing the momentary expression. They have much more feeling, expressing not only the mood of the dude, but many leave some mystery to the man, the bod, the situation. Many of the photos focus on men's faces: as they laugh, blush, orgasm, get a blow job... And in many of the photos, the cock isn't the focus. Which means as I flip through, I am not constantly hit with a rock-hard-physics-defying-dick.

You can tell some thought & work went into these photos. They expose the humor, the personality & yes, the wonderful quirkyness of men. Hot, Hot, HOT.

The male models are not exactly the latest Fabios. No. There isn't a cheesy well-muscled, overly tanned, oil-soaked-bod photo in the joint. And no one smiles at the camera with that leering, sneering look that someone told male models is sexy. Other things not included (trust me, they are not 'missing,' they just aren't in there -- which is a damn good thing) are mesh thongs, hair so gelled it shines more than the oiled abs, and poses where men crawl like a tiger at the camera *roar*


Sweet Action Porn for Girls Instead, you get real looking guys, with real bods, tats, the occasional poor wardrobe choice, bed head -- hell, the cover guy of issue 3 smokes! So the pics you are looking at are of real men, who actually live & breathe in the same world as you. Hot guys you might see across the street, but once the bus flies past, he's gone again... Cute guys you might see in the check out line at WalMart or serving the beer at Applebees. The quiet smoker who lives down the hall... So, OK, you might suspect a few of the guys might not have showered today, but that's real too, right? (Hey, the buff oiled Fabios smell like fake Pina Coladas *ugh*)

If a few models are a bit ripe with odor, the writing is rank with attitude. This is no attempt at smarmy erotica, poetic prose, or lofty intellectual essays. They write like you & your friends talk. OK, maybe a few of your friends have been up all night with the smoking model, and smell like the guy with bed head, and they are still a wee bit drunk from the beers... but for the most part, you can follow along in the conversation.

It's not just 'how they say it,' but what they are talking about as well. For instance, who hasn't thought up the nude man rug hook kit at 3:45 a.m.? Who hasn't organized a letter writing campaign to get Play Girl to do a photo essay on pubic wigs? I know it's not just me...

So you take those real men, add them with the stuff your girlfriends talk about, some beer, & you've got yourself a frat party. Throw in a pal with a camera, publish the pics with some written comments from your friends, and you get Sweet Action.

Overall, what Sweet Action magazine gives you is the best of high quality publications (good paper, large size, color etc) with all the charm & bite of a zine.

If words like 'indie' and 'zine' aren't ringing any bells, then you might be too old or you're not this shade of cool for the mag. And don't kid yourself with that 'no one reads the articles anyway' bullshit -- it's not just the lingo, it's the pics too. The boys are young & it might make you feel dirty in a bad way. Like grandma leering at the paperboy dirty. Hey, they say 'porn for girls' for a reason.

I have found myself a smut mag of my very own. Finally.

You'll have to go get your own copy.


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