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Forget about that 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' (as a woman who's lived along the shores of Great Lakes, I snort at their compulsive need to name puddles!), Minnesota should have "Minnesota Nice" put on their license plates.

Gracie is a mid-west girl, and so, doesn't think of herself as not nice. In fact, in travels, I've felt a bit rebuffed when folks refer to Minnesoteans as 'nice' as if implying Wisconsinites are not nice... I find all of the mid-west to be 'nice.'' We certainly don't have the anger issues of many locations... But the Twin Cities did provide an education...

The overwhelming evidence points to the Minnesota Nice as fact. Here's a story that is at once typical & surprising in its niceness:

When Libby had her car towed, I found a cop car & walked over for some information. It turns out the officer was inside the club, but one of the men out front was too happy to help. I say "too happy" because the poor man had dropped a keg on his foot that morning, his foot was swollen to the point where he could not walk, and his buddy was trying to get him to go to the emergency room to get it looked at, but no, this guy was waiting until he gave us directions, complete with a map, before he was willing to leave. Not only that, as I walked away, he called "How are you enjoying your visit to our beautiful cities?" I replied, "Other than this, we are having a fabulous time!" "Good!" he replied, "Remember, it's only a car! Have a wonderful time here!"

How's that for nice?!

Well, we in turn loved Minnesota right back!

Gracie's favorites:

Lili's Burlesque Review: One of the best nights of my life! (And remember, I used to go home with $800 in my pager clip.) Read the review, then make plans to go see the show. You'll be back for more.

Brave New Workshop: If I lived near, I'd sign up for classes. And I'd drag folks there every week. Why don't you do it for me?

Honorable mention not already listed:

Maharaja's: It's "head shop meets collectible store" in a battle for your dollar. An unusual mix of fantasy sculptures, used books, sport figurines, brass from India, and 'tobacco' items. But there's one feature that stands out as a reason to stop in: The huge black light poster room.

When I saw the doorway, glimpsed what was beyond, I laughed "Oh My God! Look at this!" As we stood grinning at the mix of classic & new black velvet & other posters which glowed under the black lights, in a room painted to glow as well, we heard a man's voice... "Oh my gawd" he giggled, his voice entering the room before he did. We laughed with him, knowing we had arrived the same way. Those old enough to remember when these poster rooms were common will thrill at the chance to smile in remembrance again.

The only thing Gracie didn't like:

Sex World: "Come ride the mechanical penis!" The ads & the hype built SexWorld up into some adult amusement park or sex circus experience. While the joint is large, it boasts are like that of a well-hung man who lays there & expects you to marvel.

Sure, the place is large, has lots of lights & some fun decor, but there's nothing new really. The peep shows are several large booths with outrageous prices. It was $20 or $25 just for a woman to dance topless. And anyone can gape for free after you've paid. Dull & bored, the women on the other side of the glass glaringly dare you to make them move. I didn't.

They offer movie booths for private viewing. Given the status of the 'public' area's floors, I valued my shoes too much to even take a peek.

The DVD/video section is large, but ladies, unless you are looking for "Asian Cum Sluts 406" or "Back Door Butt Busters 813" forget about it. Not a classic film in sight, and if any good titles exist there, one's eyes glaze over with all the crap you have to scan.

As for the selection, the toys, clothes & novelties are nothing new. If you have a small adult store near you, this may feel like a large offering, but there's nothing special to want to buy. You'll be happier at Smitten Kitten.

So go to Minnesota, enjoy the nice folks & the fun places! That's an order from Gracie.


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