Sex Kitten Fieldtrip to Minnesota

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Being Editor & Publisher of is a lot like, well, herding cats!

Herding Sex Kittens is usually done virtually ~ as an editor, I track them relentlessly via email, phone calls & the occasional fax, just to get their columns. Bringing them on a road trip? *sigh*

Once we all arrived, we had one quiet night together... then Bam! We all scattered to the wind! I tried to be the fearless leader & coordinate trips, plans & meetings, but alas, there were many points at which I lost contact... The good news is that each Sex Kitten scampered off to her own adventures, and has written about them here!

I myself had a few surprises ~ stories I had not heard over lunch or cocktails, nor even phone conversations as each woman called to report her safe return. This issue was full of surprises for me, and I was on this trip! So for the rest of you, delights await!

I'd like to thank dear Jewel for putting us up, and putting up with us *wink* You are a treasure, dear, and again, I ask... May I clone you?

Now, dear readers, scatter about, read our reviews & diaries, and make those plans to visit the wonderful Twin Cities of Minnesota!

With much affection,


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