Bookish Types Discuss Books, What Else? Part Two

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The authors talk about what they read ~ And dish on who they think are the sexiest authors.

What genre do you read the most or prefer in general?

Hanne: "I read enormous quantities of nonfiction: history, sociology, cultural studies, cultural anthropology, sexology, medical books, history of science, ethnology, and rather a lot of books about places like Madagascar, the Canadian Arctic, and, recently, Argentina and Brazil. My bookshelves at home resemble a university research library more than anything else.

Several of my friends have recently brought out memoirs, which I have greatly enjoyed because my friends are fascinating people with wonderful insightful things to say about their lives.

As far as fiction goes, I read quite a bit of science fiction and certain flavors (not the swords-and-sorcery ones) of fantasy; I am also partial to magic realism, epistolary novels, and big sprawling family sagas."

GaŽlle: "Non-fiction Ė I like to read books that make me want to turn around and write or talk about that particular subject. I like to read Ann Coulter because she makes me want to write nasty letters in reply. I also like to read books on Buddhist philosophy, like those by Pema Chodron (an American Buddhist nun) because they make me feel calm; they make me want to improve myself."

Kola: "Black women's literature, feminism."

Josh: "The last book I read was actually the new Harry Potter. I had to basically shut myself from society, because my friend Justin reads it first, and tells me everything that happens. He won again this time. I've got ONE MORE!"

Bee: "I am indiscriminate about what I read, partly because I read constantly. It is rare to find me without a magazine or book. Right now Iím in the middle of about a dozen history books, three or four novels, several memoirs, a Dorothy Sayers mystery, a P. G. Wodehouse on tape that I listen to while falling asleep, six issues of ďThe New YorkerĒ and the latest issue of British GQ."

Kat: "Romance, sex, and anything I can get my hands on in regards to breast cancer. Real life stories, medical advances etc.."

Kim: "I'm a sucker for essays. Yes, one reason is because I'm an essayist, but also because I don't have time to read long novels. I try, I really do! I'll start a book on a plane or on the beach, but I rarely finish."

Katy: "You know, I read very little erotica or porn these days. Unfortunately, I donít have a lot of time to read much of anything anymore, isnít that pathetic! But mainly I read novels. I love well-written, dramatic narratives. Iím not much into fantasy - I like my novels realistic, thank you very much Ė and I love anything that features real human emotion."

Heather: "I'm a big fan of fantasy and horror, but if it's a good book, it doesn't matter what genre it is."

Jude: "BDSM, femdom or gay male if I'm reading erotica. Mainstream, I'll go with sci-fi, action, mostly escapism type reading."

bard: "I am so mood dependent for things like books, movies, food . . . I can go through phases of topics that I read at a time . . . like vampire novels or arthurian literature."

Stephen: "I live for revenge and violence; Cops, robbers, the Mob, as long as women arenít being harmed. Should there ever be a genre about beating the life out of men who harm women and children, Iíd be up all night."

Rose: "Creative non-fiction."

Ina: "I tend to read many things that are "re-tellings" of more familiar stories, myths, histories...but if the back of a book seems interesting? I'll read it. Also read quite a bit of the things that help me to expand my mind and my spirituality."

Angela: "I am a real horror buff, which means reading a lot of dreck just to get your "fix" until the next King or Straub hits the stands."

Gwen: "In general, itís biographies. I love to read about the lives of others. Everyone has a story, and everyone has an extraordinary life, even if they think they donít."

Jason: "I guess youíd say literary fiction. Salter. McCarthy."

Jewel: "I read just about anything except horror. I even read cereal boxes."

Who is the sexiest author? (Can be in terms of the writing or the author personally.)

Kim: "Me! Duh."

Bee: "That is a difficult question! I guess that historically the writer I find the most compelling and admirable is George Orwell Ė I have a strong inclination to find ideas and attitude sexier than any other qualities. Other than that I would list people I know and enjoy, like Michelle Tea (Valencia), Inga Muscio (Cunt), Daphne Gottlieb (Final Girl), Ariel Gore (Atlas of the Human Heart), Clint Catalyst (Cottonmouth Kisses), Nicole Georges (Invincible Summer zine), Joe Meno (Hairstyles of the Damned), and Lauren Sanders (With or Without You). The characteristic they all share is excellent stage presence; I love storytellers who can actually perform."

Jason: "Susannah Breslin is pretty damn sexy. On both accounts."

bard: "sexiest? really? I can tell you which writers are NOT sexy: dr suess, dr phil, anne coulter"

Katy: "I donít really think of authors that way. To tell you the truth, I donít like to think of authors that way. When it comes to erotica, Iím all business, I donít really want to know about the wild sexcapades that inspired the piece; I want it to stand on its own without any interference from the author. Itís almost like thinking about your mother having sex: too much information!"

Rose: "Philip Roth, hands down. His life work has traced the sexual development of the American male. He crashes thru conventional walls."

Hanne: "Gracious. What a question. Do people actually think of writers as sexy? I can't say I do. Some of them have very sexy brains though. I mean, I can think of quite a few writers whose minds I would take home and cuddle all night, but the writers themselves might be another thing again. I'm a picky bitch."

Stephen: "I have no idea. I donít care for sex spelled out boldly; I prefer insinuations to allow the readerís imagination to fill in the blanks. A zipper or a blouse open, which shouldnít be would hold as much curiosity as being naked. Dating and sex can be ephemeral, Iím all for that which prolongs the mental side of lust or passion."

Jude: "M. Christian. He can draw me in and wrap me into one of his stories like nobody else. He covers just about every genre you can think of and does it beautifully. I'll go out of my way to read something he's done."

Gwen: "Iím not sure I can name just one author who is the sexiest thing out there right now. There are so many! The world of erotica has some fantastic writers, people who know how to get into your soul by going straight through the libido. Itís impossible to choose just one."

Heather: "Martha O'Connor, author of "The Bitch Posse", comes to mind. She's an absolutely delicious writer who knows just how to get inside your head. Plus, she's an amazing person with a heart of gold and a passion for life."

GaŽlle: "J.K. Rowling. HOT." *wink*

Ina: "hmmm - he's a poet who wrote the most erotic poems I've ever come across - e e cummings (many have never read these from him - which is a shame)"

Angela: "Shakespeare. His sonnets aren't to shabby."

Josh: "Stand-ups can be considered writers, right? In that case, Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, and Amy Poheler. The women on SNL right now are outstanding, and completely out-shine the men."

For all the info on the authors participating, go here ~ To state your own thoughts, use the 'Discuss This' button to the right!

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Discuss This (3 Comments)

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