Cerebral Stimulation Needed

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There are so many men out there who view sex as a purely physical thing. Finding one that could stimulate my mind and body took some time and the agonizing ordeal of making my way through the undesirables.

I think constantly, my brain seems to be in perpetual overdrive. I am also a very sexual person. So put the two together and you get a person that thinks about sex, a lot. That is the main reason I started writing about sex, I needed an outlet. I couldnít possibly have sex as often as I think about it. I would be exhausted and I would never get anything done.

Being the cerebral person that I am, my brain needs to be stimulated along
I finally found a man to match my desires. He is not scared of my knowledge or needs. In fact he enjoys them quite a bit.
with my body to achieve complete sexual satisfaction. Of course, there are those times when desire and physical need take over and tell my brain just to butt out.

For a long time I thought I would never find someone that could match me sexually. Past lovers seemed to lack sexual knowledge. I think a few may have lacked a brain all together. Others were ambivalent toward sex. At first I thought they were ambivalent towards sex with me. To my relief and dismay, I realized they were ambivalent toward sex in general. Other men were afraid of my needs and desires and even accused me of being obsessed with sex. Imagine a man that feared a woman who wanted to have sex all the time. I found that to be ridiculous, I thought that was every manís fantasy. Perhaps some men just want a brainless body they can do what they want with, not a woman who actually thinks and needs to be stimulated and pleased in return.

Iím not a sex addict or a raging nympho; I just view sex as a very important part of a relationship. They obviously didnít, or else they just wanted to be the aggressor and have sex on their own terms. They did not like the fact that I was comfortable with my own sexuality.

I finally found a man to match my desires. He is not scared of my knowledge or needs. In fact he enjoys them quite a bit. He does not fear my brain or my sexuality. He loves it and knows how to stimulate it and the rest of me. He even enjoys the alter egos that I create. He says it is like having a different woman all the time.

Between the two of us, our imaginations take us to different realms and higher plains of sexual enjoyment. Riddles, role playing, scavenger hunts, phone calls, reading and writing sexual stories together, itís all foreplay. We brainstorm story ideas together and after I write the story he reads it and judges how good it is by how aroused he gets. That always leads to steamy sex.

Finding a man like that took some time. Once I found him I was determined not to let him get away, so I married him. I predict a long, happy, sexually filled life that we never allow to get boring.

© Roxanne
Roxanne has many titles, one is freelance writer. Fascinated by all things sexual, writing about sex was bound to happen eventually. Roxanne likes to remain mysterious and keep her secrets. It keeps things interesting.


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Discuss This (4 Comments)

Roxanne's Room

Roxanne is a bewitching chameleon that can change her appearance, personality and attitude at any given moment. After 5 years together, her husband still suspects that at some point she was a spy or assassin for the C.I.A or some top secret government agency. She openly denies that allegation, but he still has his suspicions. The lady has many secrets and loves to remain mysterious. If she wants you to know or believe something about her, it will appear in her writing here, &/or at her blog.

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