Sexy Scavenger Hunts

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Foreplay comes in many forms. Many involve no physical contact. With a little planning and a lot of creativity, it is possible to lay out a plan that will leave your lover curious, enticed and excited all day long.

For a couple days I brainstormed trying to come up with a new way to sexually “play” with my husband. I wanted to do something exciting and different. I came up with a sexy scavenger hunt. I plotted for days, planning the moves and the right time. I wanted to have him start the day, knowing that something special was going to happen that evening, but have him wonder all day what exactly it was. I put things in motion that would have his imagination in overdrive all day long.

I planned the day carefully and made arrangements for the kids to stay with grandma for the night. I gathered all my goodies, props, note cards, colorful ink pens, glitter and a velvet drawstring bag. I practiced writing riddles and clues that were kind of cute and silly, a little sexy, and not so vague that he would never get the meaning. I started by decorating the first note card with some glitter and wrote in red ink-

Moments in time
Memories for a lifetime
Snapshots of love
Captured on film

Bring home a disposable camera and your imagination. You get to play photographer tonight!

P.S. Call me when you are on your way home.

I placed the note card with his wallet and keys so he was sure to see it in the morning. Later that morning he called me and asked seductively, “What do you have planned for me tonight?” “Something fun,” was all I would tell him. He called several times during the day to tell me he couldn’t wait to get home. I spent the day hiding things around the house and preparing the clues. When he finally called to tell me he was on his way home, I scurried around to put the finishing touches on everything. When he arrived home a note on the door gave him his first instructions.

Welcome home my sexy stud!
Your first stop is the bathroom.
Take a bath, relax and unwind,
there you will find the plans for
this evening.

In the bathroom he found a bubble bath ready for him surrounded by candles. I also had some comfortable clothing laid out for him and another note, along with the velvet bag.

Are you ready to play?
After your bath, use this bag to collect
all your items. Place the camera in the
bag and be on your way. After you find all
the items come to the bedroom door, knock, and ask,
“Mistress, may I enter?”

I also included clue one:

Go to the dungeon and you
will find the items that bind.
Hint: find these in your “space”
(The dungeon is our basement, his space is his workshop, and the items that bind were handcuffs and leather straps)

A lover’s scavenger hunt can be simple or elaborate, just always make sure it is fun. You don’t want to make it too difficult, unless your lover is the type that loves a challenge. Use your imagination and creativity and you can have foreplay that lasts all day long.
When he found what he was looking for from clue one, he also received his next clue. Clue two:

Stay in the dungeon and find an item that
brings pleasurable pain.
Hint: It is in a very cold place.
(The item was a whip in the refrigerator)

When he found the whip, he found clue three:

Stay in the dungeon, don’t be afraid of the dark,
go to the darkest corner and follow your heart.
Love is blind but don’t be a fool,
find the blindfold and you will rule.
(The blindfold was on a heart shaped shelf in
a corner where the light bulb was burnt out)

Clue four consisted of:

Look for a tasty treat.
It is lick able and lovable
and good enough to eat.
Hint: Find the big, black box that gets hot and beeps.
(He found flavored massage oil in the microwave)

Clue 5:

Falling in love is easy.
Staying in love is hard.
Bring me something big and hard.
Hint: your box
(He found a big pink dildo, in the basket next to his recliner, where he puts his magazines and books)

The final note card said:

Your search has come to an end but the
night of pleasure is just about to begin.
Come to the love chamber with all your goodies,
and ask for permission to enter.

The entire time he was searching for the goodies I was turning our bedroom into a love chamber. I draped the room in sheer and satin fabrics of red and black, I placed flowers throughout the room, and lit candles while sexy music played in the background. I was all decked out in sexy, new lingerie and I also had a line up of several provocative costumes to change into. While I set the room up I was getting more excited and filled with anticipation. My husband was growing more aroused with each object he found, imagining the things he could do with them. When he finally entered our transformed bedroom, he was delightfully surprised and already rock hard.

That night was something neither of us will ever forget. We played erotic games, I modeled the outfits and used some of the props and toys while he took naughty photos, we took turns being master/mistress and slave, and best of all we had mind bending, toe curling, multiple orgasmic sex.

Since that evening we have done several variations of the scavenger hunt. Sometimes it is nothing more then a sexy shopping list one of us gives to the other to spark the imagination and wonder what is being planned. Sometimes it is more elaborate involving one of us to go to several places around town to find certain items and receive another clue at each stop. This can be difficult because you have to involve other people and rely on them to give your lover the clues. I found this works best at small shops and stores that are not very busy. My husband did this on Valentine’s Day one year. It led me to a booth at a romantic Italian restaurant where he was waiting for me with beautiful red roses and a card. Every woman there was jealous. One man who was there with his wife came up to my husband and jokingly said, “Man, why did you have to make the rest of us look bad?”

A lover’s scavenger hunt can be simple or elaborate, just always make sure it is fun. You don’t want to make it too difficult, unless your lover is the type that loves a challenge. Use your imagination and creativity and you can have foreplay that lasts all day long.


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