A Life Full of Love and Laughter

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The bad boys, though exciting at first, turned my life into a nightmarish roller coaster of pain and heartache. I finally got rid of the last one and swore off men forever. Of course that didn't last... Robert walked into my world and would forever change the way I viewed men and love. From our very first date, I knew our relationship was going to be different. He made me laugh and brought me out of my shell which no one else could ever do.

Several years ago my mother gave me a computer for my birthday. I had no idea that gift would lead me to discover that love would find me when and where I least expected. I was so excited to finally have my own computer the first thing I did was get online. I signed up for AOL and set up my screen name, profile, and even made a little web page about me. Within days I had guys instant messaging me constantly. I hadn’t been expecting that.

At first I was polite and answered the IM’s, but I soon learned my lesson. I found out there are a lot of freaks and weirdoes online looking to hook up and score. I wasn’t looking for that or any type of relationship at that point. So I started ignoring anyone that instant messaged me that I didn’t know. After I had been online for about a week I started receiving instant messages from the screen name magcfire. At first I ignored them, but he was persistent. After the third message I answered. I was curious. The screen name sounded cool. We chatted and started sending emails back and forth and sent photos to each other.

We talked for over a month before we met in person. At first when he brought up meeting, I just gave him my phone number so we could set something up. Plus I wanted to hear his voice before meeting him in person. He sounded nice on the phone, but I stalled and made excuses. I think it was the third time he called, I finally gave in and we set up a date for that Friday night. I picked a restaurant and said we could meet there. I wasn’t having a stranger come to my home. I figured dinner in a nice public place would be alright.

That night on my way to the restaurant I was so nervous. I started getting paranoid thinking he could be a 400 pound ax murderer or some psychotic freak. I started thinking about all the online meetings in real life horror stories I had heard. Those pictures he sent, that might not even be him.

By the time I arrived in the parking lot I had myself so worked up I almost did not go in. I finally did though. I walked into the bar at the front of the restaurant where I told him to meet me. I saw a guy with his back to me that fit his general description and pretty much matched the photos. I walked up to him.


He turned around, looked at me, smiled and said “Wow, you are beautiful.”

I was instantly at ease. He had the friendliest eyes I had ever seen. Plus he was hot! Much better looking than in the photos. We had an instant connection, call it love at first sight or whatever, it was real.

The waiter took us to a table and we sat down and just started talking like old friends. There were no awkward silences or wondering what to say like on most blind dates. We talked for hours; I don’t even remember what we had to eat. It was the best first date, best any date that I had ever been on. We sat there talking until the place closed and we pretty much got kicked out.

After that we sat in the parking lot in his truck which he had to help me into. He had this big, black 4 x 4 truck on huge 33 inch tires. I practically needed a ladder to get in it. We talked for a couple more hours then it started to snow. I figured we better get going before the roads got bad. I didn’t want him driving in bad weather when he wasn’t used to it yet. We said our goodnights and he said he would call me so we could go out again.

I opened the door and put my high heel clad foot down on the bar under the door. My foot slid. My leg went flying and so did I. I fell right out of his big truck and landed on the pavement of the parking lot. I landed on one knee. I turned about thirty shades of red as I jumped up as fast as I could. I was so embarrassed I thought I was going to die right there.

“Are you OK? Did you hurt yourself?” He was trying so hard to be polite and not laugh.

“I’m OK, I landed on my knee, it’ll be fine.”

That was all I could say, I had to get out of there. So I limped as gracefully as I could over to my car. The whole drive home I kept thinking what a klutzy idiot I was. I figured he would never call me again that I had ruined my chances with him. I had completely messed up the best date ever.

The next day was Saturday. He didn’t call. I suffered all day, thinking I blew it. I kept thinking, "He is never going to call me again, he thinks I’m an idiot". He finally called on Sunday. The first thing he said was “How’s your knee?” and laughed a little. I said it was fine and laughed too. Then he said he wanted to see me again. I could not believe it. He actually wanted to see me again. So we made another date. I invited him over to my house for dinner.

For once everything lined up perfectly. Love found me when I wasn’t looking. We were married on September 13, 2003. During our wedding ceremony I was so emotional I couldn’t stop crying, but he managed to make me laugh through the tears.

Now on a daily basis, there is laughter in my life. He can make me smile or laugh without even trying. Five minutes before we could have been in a heated argument then we’ll end up in a pile on the floor laughing. Even in the strangest places or at the strangest times we can find something to laugh about. In the bedroom, where most people take things very seriously or couldn’t imagine an event that could cause laughter, we can laugh, at ourselves, at each other. It’s an amazing thing. We have fun.

There was one event in particular, which occurred during an intimate moment. My husband was performing oral sex on me; I had an orgasm and proceeded to punch him in the head. I’m still not quite sure how it happened. I wasn’t trying to punch him. I think I was trying to put my hand on top of his head but somehow my motor functions were affected, my hand was balled up into a fist and before I knew what was happening I clunked him on the top of the head. He laughingly said, “What the hell was that for?” and we both burst into laughter and couldn’t stop. Another type of man could have got pissed. He found it amusing and still brings it up at times.

He especially likes to make me laugh at myself, which I have a hard time doing sometimes. I’m one of those people that takes myself much too seriously, at least I did, before he came along. Now we are never short on love or laughter and he still likes to remind me all the time that I “fell” for him on our first date.


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Roxanne is a bewitching chameleon that can change her appearance, personality and attitude at any given moment. After 5 years together, her husband still suspects that at some point she was a spy or assassin for the C.I.A or some top secret government agency. She openly denies that allegation, but he still has his suspicions. The lady has many secrets and loves to remain mysterious. If she wants you to know or believe something about her, it will appear in her writing here, &/or at her blog.

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