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Gracie interviews Pink Snow & Justin of the band Erocktica.

Erocktica is more than a band, it's theatrical, visual, live performance, combining sex with rock n roll. The band members are Pink Snow (Vocalist), Shelly Lynn (Bassist), S.O.T.N. (Guitarist), Justin (Guitarist), and CJ (Drums). And Jailbait, Profanity, Trixxxii Doll, Bella & Crystal are dancers.

Erocktica takes it to the limit with sizzling live performances that entice onlookers. Performances ask the audience to break free of the society's imposed chains of sexual repression and daring them to join in the erotic circus. Naturally, the group's foundation lies in the fundamental right to freedom of expression. And of course, the group has an intolerance of censorship.

Erocktica Show Photo Sounds like a interview to me!

So, what's the music about?

Justin: The music itself is anthemic, melodic hard rock. Lots of great driving guitar riffs and an in your face rhythm section. Lots of moody, extended breakdowns during some of the theatrical erotic elements of the live show.

Pink Snow: It's EROTICA meets ROCK! This equals EROCKTICA!

Do you think there is a difference between erotica & porn?

Pink Snow: Can you say euphemism?

What are your thoughts on porn?

Pink Snow: I LOVE PORN!

Do you think it's true that women don't like hardcore? Why or why not?

Pink Snow: What is the relationship between fact and value? I believe that value is objective- not subjective . Value is based on facts of reality. Therefore to say all women don't like hardcore would be wrong. I am sure there are some who do. Like me.

OK, back to the music ~ What's your favorite song?

Justin: Pink & I just started writing together and the new songs are coming out great. "Phone Sex" is real dark and sexy. "Paint it Pink" is the most melodic, pop Erocktica song yet. "I'm Wet" is one of the funnest Erocktica songs. Shelly & Pink just wrote a great hard rocking tune called "2 Minute Fuck".

Pink Snow: NAKED is my favorite song!

Please describe as best you can, what a show is like?

Justin: Picture a rock & roll band joining the girls on stage at a Gentlemans Club!

Pink Snow:The show features sexual Twister, a whipped cream fight between the girls, the Tunnel of Lust, a sensual strip tease, possibly a spinning of the “the wheel of passion”, or most exciting is the Pink Prize awarded… The exciting part of the show is the audience interaction that takes place and the sexual exploitations that may occur. Left in a mystery to be unveiled, it is never certain just how far the “show” will go. The venue can be quickly transformed into a cross between a rock and roll concert, a burlesque theater, and a champagne room in a gentlemen's club.

Does the nudity/performance get in the way of the music?

Justin: On stage, sometimes the girls LITERALLY get in my way!!! I've been hit in the head by a few high heels and inflatable lollipops!

Pink Snow: Hearing a soundtrack of original rock anthems such as "Porn Star," or "Size Queen” played by the band while the nudity takes place just ADDS to the total package of the show. Like Broadway! Theater and Music!

I'm sure you've had some folks attack you, or think you are 'denigrating' &/or 'exploiting' women/yourselves etc. How do you respond?

Pink Snow:Gender feminism- which is the majority view, may say that... I have always been a minority voice in all my beliefs! I am an individualist feminist: Therefore I believe in equal rights for men too! People as individuals. Woman's rights need protecting as much as any other individual's,in unique-to-female ways.

I objectify myself. I am empowered my sexuality, not a victim. I believe as long as no one is getting hurt, and I am choosing this by my own free will, then it is my choice! Besides, people are exploited in every field, not just women in porn. Women like Joan Kennedy Taylor, Camille Paglia, Christina Hoff Summers, and Wendy McElroy are authors I suggest for any woman to read!

Are your fans mainly male or female?

Justin: I'd say it's 75% male just due to the nature of the show. We go on late sometimes and all the pretty girls go home to get their beauty sleep.

Pink Snow: More men follow EROCKTICA than women, but the women that are our fans have a unique understanding of empowerment, and are a very special group!

Any thoughts on your appeal?

Justin: Who's gonna turn you on more? The band that stares at their shoes all night or the band that comes out on stage, throws a party, shows a little flesh, plays some flashy rock & roll and puts a smile on your face?

Pink Snow: SEX SELLS!

What is your age, the ages of other band members?

Justin: We're all timeless, darling.

Pink Snow: A girl never tells her age, but remember Tennessee Williams said it best "50% of a woman's charm is illusion!"

Pink Snow of Erotcktica Do you see the group changing as you age? If so, how?

Pink Snow: Yes, better music, and more chances taken on stage!

Has being a member of the group had any repercussions either with family, friends or lovers? If so, what have the issues been? What has your response been?

Pink Snow: I was Catholic school girl. I have been through the guilt from family members. I have issues of jealousy with my lovers, everyone feeling a certain proprietorship over me. I always remember what the great wise Madonna said in her Justify My Love video: " Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another."

What is the best part about being a member of Erocktica? The worst?

Justin: The best part of being in this band is the friendship and the good times amongst ourselves and the audience. Every show is an event and a precious moment in time.

As far as the worst part goes...We all have our bad days and nothing's normal in the world of rock & roll. It all goes with the territory. You gotta put up a good fight or get the fuck out of the ring.

Pink Snow: The beat part is living the lifestyle of a porn-rock star. The worst part is performing at a club that has no shower after a whipped cream show!

Somehow, I think she & the rest of the band will find folks willing to let them shower-off at their place.

© Gracie


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