Phone Sex by Miranda Austin

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Not the "how to" manual I was expecting, but an engaging, entertaining read. I want to be a phone sex girl!

I thought I was about to learn erotic techniques for turning someone on and getting them off over the phone--an intimate instruction guide for engaging my lover in endless hours (okay, at least ten minutes or so) of titillating phone sex. For those nights when we can't be together. Phone Sex does go into that a little, but mostly it's about the fascinating life of a phone-sex operator named Kristi.

Handling even the most disturbing fantasies (like rape, incest and torture) with wit and charm, Kristi makes the whole biz seem like a lot of fun. I settled into this world and wished I could have my own bizarre clientele of faceless horny male voices on the other end of the phone line. "Kristi" can be anything or anyone, bringing on orgasm with nothing but her voice and her imagination.

Kristi has an admirable respect for fantasy. She's human. She cringes, for instance, when callers want to play out snuff dramas or torture scenes, but she doesn't judge anyone for the freaky stuff that turns them on, even when she can't get into it with them. And if anybody knows a lot about kinky fetishes, it's Kristi. In this book I encountered kinks I never dreamed existed.

Her reaction to being asked to mail her used underwear to a customer had me in hysterics. Moaning and talking dirty to a complete stranger on the phone, experiencing his orgasm with him and basking in the afterglow with him afterwards, that's one thing, but to actually have him holding, sniffing and tasting your sweaty, nasty, dirty panties??? I can see why she had some trouble with the whole thing.

Phone Sex includes lots of good reference material and resources for general information about the phone sex business, both for the operator and the customer.

Phone Sex, by Miranda Austin
Greenery Press, 192pgs
ISBN: 1890159484

Review by Tess.


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