Karsh gives us the skinny on Doc Johnson silicone cockrings.

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Cockrings are some tricky buggers. Women might not realize this, but when a man puts on a cockring, he's got a lot of things going on down there to consider.

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Karsh Tries the Love Rings

First, there's a tie around his cock and balls slowing the blood flow (and it is a lot of blood). Second, you can only have it on for 20 - 30 minutes at a time before some real damage occurs. And then if a hair or ten get caught in the ring?

Oh baby...it's painful.

Doc Johnson throws their hat into the ring (no pun intended) with a new line of thick clear silicone "love rings" which come in one of three sizes: small, medium or large. From just looking at them in the package, I had no real idea which one to try first; unfortunately, Doc Johnson spent more package real estate for their stock photo and snazzy font selections instead of showing the inner circumference or diameter of the ring. Why, you ask? Well any smart man is going to take a tailor's tape measure and measure 'round the cock and balls to ensure he's getting the right size. Not having that vital metric on the package seriously almost made me pass it up. Hey, guys are all about the numbers!

The small cockring is roughly about 1 1/8" in diameter and 3 3/4" in circumference, so for me, it might've made a cute signet ring if I folded it over twice. (Stretched, about 1 1/2" diameter - this small one actually broke on me when I tried to get a max measurement.) Moving on...

The medium cockring is 1 1/2" in diameter and 4 3/4" in circumference. Even if stretched, it was still too small (these are thick rings, so even if stretched, they won't vary much from their original size - this stretched to about 1 3/4").

Time to go for the large, which was 2" in diameter and 6" in circumference. I just shaved, so I figured this would work well. I stretched it out (perhaps to 2 1/2 inches in diameter), slipped it over one ball...then two...then pushed my penis through.

Too. Damn. Tight. And while a cockring isn't supposed to be like slipping on a bracelet (it is meant to constrict blood flow to sustain an erection), I felt like I was prepping a vein for a needle when I put this ring on. The rings are not completely smooth and have a ridge running on the inner circumference which is highly uncomfortable. The silicon is rough, so once it's put on, it's very difficult to get off. The slogan on the cockring package is "prolong the pleasure"; if anything, that pleasure is probably only prolonged once you get it off!

Sadly, like the Penis Sucker before it, Doc Johnson is not taking into account the *ahem* girthier guys out there, and without any sort of measure of size on the package outside of the innocuous small, medium and large sizes, buying one of these could be a pricey (and non-refundable) mistake.

I would say an extra 1" - 1 1/2" was needed on the Large for a snug but comfortable fit.

So, frustrated and horny, I turned to my old standby for a cockring -- my yellow Lance Armstrong bracelet. Sure, I'm using it outside of it's intended purpose, but you have to go with what works. Aside from that, with the plethora of rubber bracelets out there at much lower prices than a cockring and available damn near everywhere, if you're over 6" in circumference dowm there, I highly recommend you pick one of these up.

Live strong, baby. Live strong.

© Karsh


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