The Art Of Breast Massage

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Men often drool over a nice pair of breasts...but when the doors are open for sex they forget all about their former focus of attention. A long breast massage will return his attention to the forgotten bust, while she can have a bit more fun out of sex. Gracie's boy-toy CR/LF has written a 'how-to' that will give a guy everything he needs to know to properly worship the contents of your sexiest bra.

Men love breasts -- there's no doubt about that. Even so-called 'ass men' can be caught talking to the chest of a particularly busty lady. Unfortunately, a lot of guys don't exactly know what to do with a pair of breasts when they've got them. It's something done in addition to the regular foreplay, as an afterthought, or on request.

From my research, I've discovered that most women would prefer their breasts recieve much more attention than they usually do (but, ladies, isn't that the case for all your lovely parts?) Men love the breasts, women like their breasts played with -- so a nice, long breast massage would satisfy both sides, especially those who are disappointed by lack of foreplay.

When you consider the other aspects of foreplay, like masturbation, kissing, and oral sex, there's quite a few people who outright dislike parts of foreplay. Mutual masturbation/manipulation can make some people uncomfortable, extensive kissing can get tedious after the first few minutes, and some people find oral sex disgusting. Breasts do not suffer such indignation: few people think they're 'gross' or 'disgusting,' most people are comfortable touching them and having theirs touched, and they can be massaged for a long time without becoming tedious.

Too many people, when confronted with a breast, go for the nipple -- and while it's a good place to start for most ladies, it's only a small part of the breast. Especially considering men's love for large breasts, massage focuses on the entire bust. Each breast has three significant regions:

  • The Nipple
  • Upper Breast
  • Under Breast

The 'nipple' refers to the nipple, and the 'frontal' area around it. This is a highly erogenous area, loaded with sensitive nerves, and the part that gives an indication of sexual arousal. While most women love to have it played with, the senses can be a bit overloaded if the nipple is played with for too long at once -- and bruising might even occur for the more enthusiastic partners.

The 'upper breast' extends far above what most people would consider actual breast: it is the part of the breast that is socially acceptable to expose, the part from the top of the bra up, up to the shoulder. This part actually needs massaging on a regular basis, because it contains the skin, ligaments, and muscles that support the breast, even if a bra is worn. This area is not particularly erogenous, but massaging it will relax the muscles and bring comfort to the woman.

The 'under-breast' is the underside of the breast, from the front of the breast around underneath until the breast meets the ribcage. This area is full of nerve-endings, but not necessarily the erogenous kind. Because this area is either rarely touched, or is subjected to constant pressure from either the breast itself or a bra's underwire, it is sensitive almost to the point of being ticklish. Outright tickling is appropriate if it helps the woman's arousal, but a light yet firm touch gives unusual sensations that will also appeal to the breast's owner.

Combining these three parts, the 'masseuse' will cover just as much skin as if they were performing a backrub -- and we all know how long those can last! Flipping the partner over for a little intimately sexual massage is an even better use of time.

There are four different basic 'Touches' to use on breasts:

  • Squeeze
  • Stroke
  • Push
  • Pinch
Squeeze: grab a handful of breast, and gently squeeze with the entire hand. Do not pretend you're trying to pop a balloon: breasts are not hollow, and contain parts with very sensitive pain receptors. Consider it like those 'stress-balls,' the sand or flour-filled balls that middle-managers squeeze to get through the day. Feel the texture of the breast, and turn it in your hand while keeping pressure on the skin.

Stroke: Varying between the entire flat palm to the tips of the fingers, gently brush the skin of the breast, like you're petting a dog or cat. Do not use fingernails -- while this is often welcome in a backrub, most women's breasts will register this as unpleasant pain (although you might want to check with your partner before completely ruling it out!)

Push: Place your open hand on one surface of the breast, and gently push it across the chest. This does not always have to be a 'straight in' push; start under the armpit and squeeze the breasts together, put your hand underneath the breast and push upwards, etc. This 'kneading' is similar to deep muscle massage, and the same cautions for the 'squeeze' apply.

Pinch: Most often used on the nipple, a 'pinch' is gathering skin between fingers and squeezing. Because it is not as deep as the 'squeeze,' more force can be used. This affects the surface nerves, which are more likely to register pleasure than pain, and even more likely to mix the two. Do not limit a pinch to the tips of the thumb and index finger: gather a long strip of skin between all the fingertips and the palm of the hand (as though you were thumbless and trying to pick up a pencil), or several small gathers between each finger.

The dextrous hands can happily combine the multiple Touches in numerous combinations: if you're "typing one-handed" while reading this article, you know exactly what I mean! Here are a few moves to try:

This is a very pleasing stroke, covering almost the entire breast in one motion. Put your hands, fingertips together, at the cleavage and the thumbs extended down towards the lower outer edge of the breast. Rotate the hands, letting the breasts slide under your palms, moving the fingers across the upper breast and the thumb underneath the under-breast (make sure those thumbnails are trimmed!)

Just a basic Stroke & Pinch: place the hands lightly on the breast, and stroke the fingers outward; as the thumb comes up, pinch the nipple between the thumb and hand.
Place hands on the breasts and press outward (pushing the breasts towards the armpits). Use your thumb to Stroke the cleavage area, moving into a Squeeze at the breast.
This combines the Push, Pinch, and Stroke: Put the hands under the breast and push upwards; stroke the breast inwards with the thumb, ending by pinching the nipple between the thumb and hand.
An imaginitive lover can spend quite a while experimenting with the various ways to massage a breast, all the while being enjoyed by their partner! One key is to vary the movements often, so keep trying different hand placements, pressure, and tension continually during the massage. Because the sensations she feels are erotic, but not necessarily orgasmic, she will generally become a combination of relaxed and wet -- a perfect combination for sex.

Massage oil can be used to enhance the sensation -- along with any number of stimulation creams, too -- but neither are particularly necessary unless she begins to feel chafed. Since the breasts are often subject to friction and tension by a bra, the skin is less fragile than some of her other pleasure parts. If she is a fan of lotions anyway, it's likely she doesn't get a chance to coat her breasts -- offer to do it for her! Saliva can also work well, although most men can't produce enough to really coat the entire breast.

In positioning your partner to have her breasts massaged, there's a number of ways to do it. For foreplay, the position that I used for these photos works the best -- kneeling, straddling your parners hips. This position also has the added advantage of giving your ladyfriend something to do:

Unfortunately, this might finish you off before she is satisfied...although that would give her the chance to extend the breast massage into extra innings. Another option is to have the woman seated in a straight-backed chair, and the man stand behind, massaging the breasts from above. This can add new sensations, because the hands will touch the breasts in a significantly different way.

Massage can happen during intercourse, too: most any position that allows for the man's hands to be free is sufficient. Ones where the woman is 'riding' on top are excellent, and the intensity of the massage can mirror her nearness to orgasm; using one hand on a breast, one on her clit, and your cock inside is almost an intolerable amount of stimulation for a woman! It is also possible to kneel between the woman's legs for insertion, leaving the hands free to play with the breasts until more vigorous pumping is required; the same goes for the numerous 'seated' positions recommended by sex manuals. Positions that limit movement of the cock will also postpone his orgasm longer, along with providing some extra fun for the woman.

Find your partner, and experiment tonight: an extended breast massage is a comfortable way for sexplay, without straying too far off the path of "normal" sex. Both parties will get a heavy dose of what they want: for the man, a long period of almost childlike breast worship, and for the woman, a relaxing and sensual massage.


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