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I have always had a great eye, especially for color and composition. I would love to be a photographer but have never learned the skills and it seems me and mechanical equipment do not get along. I still have plenty of creativity in me when it comes to other forms of art.

I once considered myself to be an artist. I dreamed of seeing my work hanging in galleries, but now I havenít done much with my artwork in years. I suppose I could have been good and developed my basic talent but I pursued other things instead. My high school art teacher pushed me to go to art school. I should have listened to her; instead I pursued the world of academia by attending a regular university and majoring in Psychology then adding on a second major in Anthropology while pursuing a writing career. I hit major burnout sometime during my second year, then some type of disinterested boredom kicked in when I realized I wasnít doing what I really wanted to do.

Somewhere along the way I realized I really love to create things, with words, with ink, with paint, with whatever medium I have in front of me. I think I was afraid to go to art school because for one, I felt I wasnít good enough. Two, I was afraid to rely on doing something I love to make money because then I wouldnít love it anymore. It took me a long time to realize if you can make money doing what you love then thatís a blessing.

I pursued my writing for awhile in college then life got in the way and then over 8 years passed until I decided it was time to pursue my dreams again.

So for the past year Iíve been pushing towards my goals of being a writer. Iíve made a lot of progress in one year. This year I plan to make much, much more progress. Plus now that my creative energy has been fully brought back to life, I think Iíll start drawing and painting again. Maybe even take a few art classes. I would love to take a photography class. That is the one thing I have always wanted to learn how to do. I always see things and think what a great photo that would be. I know I have an artistic eye it just needs to be developed and the I need the technical know how to back it up.

I definately should take some classes this year. It will be fuel for my creative soul. Iíd love have a book published someday that featured both my writing and artwork, that would be so extremely wonderful. By the way my taste in art coincides with what I like to write about Ė sex. My favorite subject matter is the naked body. So I think if I developed my talents a little more things could get interesting.


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Roxanne is a bewitching chameleon that can change her appearance, personality and attitude at any given moment. After 5 years together, her husband still suspects that at some point she was a spy or assassin for the C.I.A or some top secret government agency. She openly denies that allegation, but he still has his suspicions. The lady has many secrets and loves to remain mysterious. If she wants you to know or believe something about her, it will appear in her writing here, &/or at her blog.

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