"The Kiss"

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Klimt's painting takes me on a journey of self-discovery.

The Kiss In his painting The Kiss (1907–1908, Österreichische Galerie, Vienna, Austria), Austrian artist Gustav Klimt portrays a moment of passion between a dark-haired man and a fair-skinned redhead who kneels before him. I was immediately drawn to it. A framed print of this piece hangs in my living room with its bold warm colors and subtle erotic tones. On first glance, five years ago, I was delighted to indulge in a private glimpse into this couple’s desire for one another. But after a personal trauma of my own, I began to see the painting in a different way.

The man’s face is hidden. What’s important is the woman. Her reaction: what is she experiencing? Why is she kneeling? Her hand is grasping his—is she pulling his hand away from her face? Her eyes are closed and her head is turned. Is she resisting him? The man’s stature and his strong hands demonstrate that resistance is futile. She will be kissed whether she wants it or not.

And so for a time, this painting frightened me. But still I was drawn to it.

One day, I realized the woman is not pulling away from the man. She’s clinging to him. She’s been brought to her knees by some personal tragedy, true. But her hand grasps his and her arm is around his neck, so that she borrows his strength to rise to her feet. Her eyes are closed because she is afraid that he will be gone if she opens them and she’ll be left to hold herself upright.

Today, I am back where I started. I see no drama in the piece, just two people very hot for each other, on the verge of the passionate kiss that will lead to some serious shagging a little later on.

The woman is me. Even when I saw her as a victim, I never saw her as subordinate or submissive to him. Even when she needed him to hold her up, she held her own quiet strength in the clenching of her fingers, the self-assurance in her face. She’s impulsive, or, as I prefer, courageous. She closes her eyes to experience the passion and to avoid being distracted by the worrisome consequences of what she’s about to do. She wants the roller-coaster highs, even when they are inevitably followed by the stomach-lurching lows. She is not afraid to fall.

How could the dark-haired man fail to be compelled by her? He could not resist her if he tried. His is the dominant position, but the power belongs to her.


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Discuss This (4 Comments)

Tess's Room

A lovely tempest, not easily understood, but worth the effort. Sort of like dark bitter chocolate surrounding the sweetest cherry...

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