Aliens in Love

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A funny little story of sci-fi love by D.W. Rhodes.

"Halt! Who goes there?"

"It's Lisa, you idiot. Why are all the lights out?"

"Lisa? Lisa? That sounds suspiciously like a human name to me. What's the password?"

"Oh no, not again. Mark, it's Valentines Day. Couldn't you at least try being a little roman—-" A flashlight beamed in her face. "Mark! Get that flashlight out of my eyes, before I—-"

"Flashlight? What flashlight? The password, alien bitch, or I'll vaporize you in a pink puff with my Cray-Vac, Mark IV De-atomizer!"

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "God, you are so retarded." Then she smiled. "What if I show you my tits instead?" She dropped her bag and lifted her tee shirt.

"Foolish human! Now you've done it!" He flipped the light switch and dropped the flashlight. He hopped to her on one leg, grabbed her tits, and pushed her up against the wall. "Don't you know how dangerous it is to expose yourself to the Supremely Horny One from the planet Grabsnatchy?"

"Well, I was hoping--"

He tickled her ribs. "Resistance is futile, alien wench!"

"WHEE! Mark, stop!" She squirmed against the wall. "Can't we...WOO...just this once--"

"First, I'm going to tenderize you with my ten little alien peckers."


He licked her nipples. "Then, I'm going to marinade you with my slimy pink alien pecker."


"And finally, you foolish, unsuspecting, and quivering with lust human female..."

"Mark, I swear I'll--"

"I'm going to impale you on my humongously humongous, feared throughout the galaxy, Supremely Horny One from the planet Grabsnatchy Cock!" He wrapped his arms around her butt, lifted her off the floor, and carried her to the couch. "But first I need you to do me a little favor."

"Oh, it comes."

"We'll get to that later. Right now I just want you to kiss it." He dropped his pants.

"Jesus, Mark." She pushed him down on the couch and dropped to her knees. "Tell me again why I put up with you?"

"I think it's because of my humongously humon--OH!" She sucked his cock into her mouth. "Oh boy...That's it...There you go." He fell back onto the couch as her lips worked his cock into a raging hard-on. "Mmmm...Oh shit yeah...Mmmm...Just like that...Mmmm...That's my girl."

"Do you like the way I suck cock, Supremely Horny One?"

"Hell yes, honey. For a pathetic human female, you've got the sweetest—-AAACK!" She gripped his balls tight. He rose up on his elbows and grimaced in pain. "LISA, wh--what are you DOING?"

"Lisa? Who is Lisa? I'm the shape-shifting, ball-busting, Feminist Bitch Queen of the planet Crackanut."

He gulped, "You are?"

"Uh-huh, I am."

"How'd you get past my photon detect—-AAH!"

"You have a choice, Supremely Infantile Moron from the planet Grabsnatchy."

"I do?"

"Either you stop all this nonsense right now and fuck my brains out, or these balls are going back with me to my home world."

blink-blink..."Are those my only option—-AAH!"

"Aw, look. His humongously humongous, feared throughout the galaxy, little alien pecker is all shriveled up."


"I guess the Supremely Horny One won't be fucking my brains out with that, will he?"


"Sorry, gotta go."

"LISA, WAIT! I got you a really nice Valentines Day present."

"You did? Really?" She let go of his balls. "Oh Mark, that's so sweet of you. What did you get me?"

"Two tickets to the premier of the new Star Wars mov—-AAACK! LISA!!!"

© D.W. Rhodes


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Discuss This (3 Comments)

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